Former Buckeyes OL Chase Farris speaks about becoming high school football coach

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COLUMBUS — Chase Farris wanted back into football, and just like that, he became a high school head coach.

OK, it wasn’t that easy for the former Ohio State lineman who spent several years as a journeyman in the NFL after winning a national title with the Buckeyes. But almost.

First he put together a team — of coaches, that is, 2006 Heisman Trophy-winning Ohio State quarterback Troy Smith as his offensive coordinator and former Ohio State cornerback Doran Grant as his defensive coordinator — and then he made his pitch to Elyria Catholic High School. It worked. He got the job.

Now the three along with several other assistant retained by the school are working through the late spring headed toward their season debut as the new Elyria Catholic staff in August.

Farris joined The Tim May Show as a special co-pilot to talk about the journey from NFL offensive lineman to high school football coach. 

And yes, he is still executive director of Elyria’s non-profit organization Save Our Children, whose mission statement is “to improve literacy, promote academic excellence and cultivate leadership in at-risk youth in the community.” His intention in moving back to his hometown was to give back in any ways that he could.

Then came this opportunity to leap into coaching. He took it.

After being out for a “few years you start to get that itch for the game,” Farris said.

Now he is scratching that itch with vigor, as he explains in his appearance on The Tim May Show.

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