Hero Kanu makes last minute visit to Ohio State for Buckeyes Bash and BBQ

Jeremy Birminghamabout 2 months
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COLUMBUS — With about an hour left in his Notre Dame visit on Wednesday, Hero Kanu made a decision: he wanted to get back over to Ohio State.

So, the 6-foot-5, 295-pound defensive end from California — along with a group of European athletes in South Bend with him — headed to Columbus.

“I actually decided to go back with like an hour left in my Notre Dame trip,” Kanu told Lettermen Row. “They were having this recruiting BBQ and I wanted to get back to meet some of the guys that Ohio State is recruiting. And of course, I wanted to go back and talk to the coaches again.

“It was fun. We had this dodgeball game and ate a lot of good food. I mostly hung out with my PPI guys but I also met the commits they have. We haven’t talked a lot, so that was cool.

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Hero Kanu became a top Buckeyes target during a June camp visit in Columbus. (Birm/Lettermen Row)

Larry Johnson is spearheading the recruitment of Kanu, the country’s No. 12-ranked defensive lineman in the Class of 2022. The chance to spending more time with Johnson is why Kanu stayed an extra day in Columbus last month, so it’s not entirely surprising he went out of his way to do it again.

“It was just so nice seeing him again,” Kanu said. “I mean, it’s hard with me living in Los Angeles and Ohio State being here in Columbus. He’s one of the main reasons Ohio State is near the top of my list of schools. That’s why I’ve already got my official visit scheduled here.

“Every time you see a person, it helps strengthen that relationship. We have built a good one and added to that today.”

Ohio State sees Kanu as a three-technique defensive tackle. He’s one of the top priorities for the Buckeyes on the defensive line in the Class of 2022. Kanu will make his official visit to Ohio State when the Buckeyes host Penn State in October.