Jaheim Singletary updates recruitment ahead of Ohio State official visit

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BRADENTON, Fla. — Jaheim Singletary always turns heads when he steps onto the football field.

On Saturday, the Buckeyes commitment turned some heads by letting folks know he planned to make visits to schools other than Ohio State. After a 14-month-long dead period, Singletary has that right. He picked the Buckeyes in early January when there was no end in sight for the dead period.

Things changed, but his intentions, he says, have not.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of for Ohio State fans,” Singletary told Lettermen Row on Saturday night. “Coach Coombs is already knows the situation. I just didn’t want to make a big deal about things. We’re still out here and it’s O-H.”

That attempt at pacifying the worries of Buckeyes fans means something. Singletary, draped by C.J. Hicks and Gabe Powers for most the day on Saturday, hasn’t lost his affinity for Ohio State. He just believes, as a lot of top prospects do, that it’s good to make have something to compare schools to. That was the crux of his conversation with the Buckeyes coaching staff.

“I just told Coach Coombs straight up,” Singletary said. “That I wanted to make sure of things. He liked that I was straight up with him and that I wanted to check out some campuses. I didn’t really get to experience my recruitment because of Covid. He said he just wants to know if there’s some iffy junk in my system.”

Right now, visits to Georgia and Miami notwithstanding, it doesn’t appear there’s any iffy junk. As mentioned, C.J. Hicks and Gabe Powers were on Jaheim Singletary’s hip the way that the 5-star stays on the hip of the receivers he covers. The event was the first time that the three 5-star talents got to meet in person.

5-star cornerback Jaheim Singletary remains locked in with Ohio State commitment-cj hicks ohio state-gabe powers ohio state

Just pretend there’s an ‘i” in there, OK? (Birm/Lettermen Row)

“This weekend was great,” Singletary said. “We really bonded and I love the personalities of these guys. The more time we spent together the more I liked them. I really got that brotherhood.”

The chance to learn more about that brotherhood in Columbus comes in two weeks. That’s when Singletary makes his official visit with the Buckeyes. He says that he’s most excited about the chance to hang out with Kerry Coombs man-t0-man, finally.

“Spending times with coach Coombs, really, that’s what I’m excited about,” he said. “Meeting him in person. That guy is so funny on the phone. I’m very excited to see what he’s like in person, what he’s all about.

“But I am committed to the school, not just Coach Coombs. I’m happy that I’ll finally get a chance to see everything. The campus, the academics and all the facilities. I’m going to take it all in.”

For Ohio State fans, that should bring some relief. Still, the recruitment of Jaheim Singletary — which was never likely to be easy — feels like it’s just really beginning.

The Buckeyes are starting from the best possible position. Now they just have to hold on.