How conference realignment could impact Buckeyes

Tim Mayabout 2 months
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COLUMBUS – Ohio State is always a major player across the college football landscape. The Tim May Podcast is back for another huge episode to break down the next wave of conference realignment.

Tim welcomes Bill Bender, the national college football writer for The Sporting News, on the show for a conversation about Texas and Oklahoma making their intentions known they plan to leave the Big 12 Conference for the SEC and what the move could mean for Ohio State and the Big Ten.

Texas and Oklahoma made their first formal step of leaving the Big 12 on Monday when they informed the conference they don’t plan on extending the grant of media rights past the 2024-2025 season. The addition of the two teams to the SEC makes the conference a mega-conference, a first of its kind.

How will Ohio State and the Big Ten make sure not to fall behind? Tim and Bill discuss a handful of options that the Big Ten could move. For starters, the move might be to stay local. Add more colleges in the Big Ten’s footprint such as Pittsburgh, Kansas or Iowa State. The other decision league officials could make is to try and poach schools from the ACC or Pac-12. Becoming a coast-to-coast conference could be very alluring and would compete with the SEC if done right.

Of course there are other options. The Big Ten could choose to try and convince Notre Dame to join. Adding a school like Notre Dame with rich traditions etched into college football history is extremely valuable. Or the league could sit back and wait to see how everything shuffles out. So far, the Big Ten has not made any moves.

Can the Big Ten become a mega-conference? What is the best move for the conference to make? And how will it make an impact on Ohio State?

Find out on this episode of the Tim May Podcast.

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