NCAA bringing dead period to end, recruiting will resume in June

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Ryan Day by Birm

COLUMBUS — The end is finally in sight for Ohio State and the rest of college football.

It’s been 14 months since the NCAA mandated a recruiting dead period in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. On Wednesday, a timeline for a return to some form of recruiting normalcy was finally approved. As has been increasingly been expected and was confirmed by The Athletic, May 31 will wrap up the restrictive recruiting period and June 1 will open the floodgates again.

The move is expected to be formalized officially on Thursday. Once in place, recruits will finally be cleared for a return to campus. It’s been something the Buckeyes have been working toward already.

“I know that there’s been talk about doing official visits in June,” Ryan Day said on Monday “So we’re kind of trying to plan accordingly, and just waiting for the green light on all that stuff.”

The green light is here. Day and Ohio State can now move full-speed ahead toward the summer.

No more waiting.

That’s great news for players like Caden Curry. The top defensive line target from Indiana has waited more than a year to finally make a visit with the Buckeyes coaches.

“The more Zoom calls I get on, the more and more I think about accidentally breaking all my technology,” Curry told Lettermen Row on Wednesday. “It’s important to me that we can visit because it finally gives me that next step in my process of getting out and physically being there on campus, finally meeting the coaches one-on-one.

“I think visits are very crucial and will honestly help me out a lot with my recruiting.”

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Caden Curry is one top target who has been waiting more than a year to visit Ohio State. (Birm/Lettermen Row)

Visits are equally important and valuable for the players who have already committed. Ohio State has 11 verbals in the Class of 2022 and the country’s top-ranked class at this point. Seven of those players have never been able to speak to a coach while in Columbus or see inside any Buckeyes facility.

“There’s just so much to look forward to,” Ohio State commit Bennett Christian said. “I can’t wait to meet the coaches and get to have my first real visit to Ohio State. It’s just so exciting. I’m glad they are finally letting us visit.”

The Buckeyes other tight end commitment, Benji Gosnell, made his decision in November. Since his brother plays at North Carolina, he’ll see that campus before getting to Ohio State. Still, he’s looking forward to finally getting to his future home when he joins his classmates in what’s shaping up to be a huge June 4 official visit weekend in Columbus.

“It’s nice to finally get to meet the coaches and see my future teammates,” Gosnell said. “It’ll be fun.”

Recruiting is back. What happens next is still up in the air a bit. As Day suggested, there are some questions about exactly how things will be structured in June. Penn State and Clemson, for example, appear intent on full-sized prospect camps — and many of them.

“There’s been a lot of talk,” Day said. “Different conversation about possibly being able to have some unofficial visitors on campus, limiting that per day. Then possibly being able to actually work them out on a one on one basis while they’re on campus. We’re just kind of waiting to see what that’s going to look like.”

Whatever it looks like, it’s going to look better than anything has in more than a year.

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