Ohio State took care of key recruiting business in March

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COLUMBUS — There’s more and more momentum to suggest that the NCAA is close to lifting the recruiting dead period and Ohio State is ready.

Kind of.

If it happens, Ryan Day and his coaches are going to be prepared, however they can be.

“There’s really not much we can do preparation wise,” Day said. “Other than talk to the recruits and their families about coming to visits, if it does open up here in June.”

If June comes and recruiting returns, Day knows that there will be a deluge of interested visitors. He’s hoping that the NCAA permits some adjustments to what’s been traditionally allowed to occure during those trips.

“For the 2022 class, we’re going to be able to do some official visits here, which is great, get them back on campus,” Day said. “We’re going to wait to see what the university says about [COVID] testing and that stuff when they come on campus.

“There’s also some talk about possibly having … camps or even in-person evaluations when they get here. We’re waiting to find out and get some direction on what to do. Then at that point, we’ll kind of go from here, but it’s kind of like hurry up and wait and see what’s going to happen here.”

Getting ready for June was what March was all about for Ohio State. There were key things to accomplish and the Buckeyes did a pretty good job ticking things off the list.

No. 1: Ohio State needs to get visit scheduled for J.T. Tuimoloau

This item could be marked incomplete, but that’s not the fault of anyone at Ohio State.

As long as the NCAA refuses to officially announce the return of recruiting visits, it’s hard to blame anyone for a lack of a planned visit. Right?

So, J.T. Tuimoloau doesn’t yet have a date locked in with Ohio State or anyone else. But there’s certainly been discussion about it between the two sides. Whenever an announcement is made, it’s reasonable to expect a publicizing of visit dates for the country’s top-ranked 2021 prospect.

Larry Johnson and Ohio State are going to get a swing in this recruitment, but when that happens is still up in the air.

No. 2: Buckeyes need to avoid panic button with 11 early commitments

Ohio State did a good job on this front in March. The premise here was simple: Don’t reach for a player early just because other schools are going to pick up commitments, etc.

Ohio State has to be careful not to extend offers just because other schools are if the player in question isn’t truly someone that it’d usually be interested in now. The Buckeyes should not take commitments just because others are pushing.

There were four new offers extended in the Class of 2022 in the month of March by the Buckeyes. None of those were what we’d describe as reactionary in nature. Ohio State offered running back Omarion Hampton, offensive lineman Aamil Wagner, defensive tackle Domonique Orange and defensive back Jayden Bellamy. But all of those were extended after evaluation and film watching, not because the Buckeyes lost out on any other players at their respective positions.

Sometimes in recruiting, no news feels like bad news. But that’s not the case here. The Buckeyes want time to grow relationships and to fully evaluate talent. There’s no reason to panic when June brings promise of a chance to do those things.

No. 3: Ohio State verbals need to cement plans for Buckeyes Bash 2.0

This goal isn’t complete, but it’s finally, fully underway.

The weekend of June 4 is shaping up to be a major one for Ohio State. It is going to be led by the Buckeyes 2022 verbals. Every member of that class is planning to be in Columbus to welcome back recruiting, and they’ll be meeting a number of top targets at the same time. Xavier Nwankpa, Toriano Pride, Omari Abor and Dominick James have scheduled official visits that weekend. Other big names will follow suit, and that’s all but guaranteed.

After a year of waiting, recruiting is coming back in a big way for Ohio State. The first weekend in June will be class-defining stretch for the Buckeyes.

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