Ohio State video review, Part III: Dwayne Haskins thrives with poise, accuracy

Evan Spencerover 3 years

The film room at Lettermen Row HQ has had a busy week, but it’s always open for breaking down Ohio State. Welcome back inside for yet another look as the debut series focusing on the Buckeyes continues with another inspection of new starting quarterback Dwayne Haskins.

In case you missed the first two parts of our new analysis, feel free to catch up with the opening chapters of the as-yet-untitled feature that we are planning to make a staple part of our Ohio State coverage moving forward. Any suggestions for me and my fellow Ohio State Lettermen for what we should call this in-depth breakdown of the Buckeyes will be appreciated as we try to provide insight using our own experience with the program.

Haskins, of course, was the perfect place to start given his importance to the offense moving forward. And while there wasn’t all that much meaningful film available at this point in his career, what he put on tape in the remarkable comeback on the road, in the cold and against one of the nation’s best defenses certainly qualified. At this point, his arm strength and decision-making have already been under the microscope, and that was followed by a closer look at his maturity and perhaps underrated mobility. Facing another critical third-down opportunity, Haskins puts his poise, accuracy and ability to handle pressure on display to move the chains again with the game in the balance in the Big House.

Once again, K.J. Hill plays a prominent role as the target in a crucial situation, the second time in the fourth quarter that Haskins would look his way. The degree of difficulty is higher in this situation for a couple of reasons, and we’ll look at both why that is and how Haskins handled it to help the Buckeyes claim another pair of gold pants.