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Freshman defensive lineman Hero Kanu sheds black stripe for Buckeyes

Spencer Holbrook09/22/22
Hero Kanu by Birm -- Lettermen Row
Hero Kanu is the newest Buckeyes player to shed his black stripe. (Birm/Lettermen Row)

COLUMBUS — Hero Kanu may have arrived in June for Ohio State, but he is already starting to show why he was so highly-coveted by the Buckeyes out of high school.

That work put in so far in his career is paying off in the middle of the fall.

Kanu, a former four-star prospect from Santa Margarita Catholic (Rancho Santa Margarita, California) High shed his black stripe for the Buckeyes this week at practice, a mark that signifies that he is officially a member of the football program.

Ohio State has one of the deepest defensive lines in the country; Kanu will have a tough time finding the field this fall during his first season with the program. But he certainly is putting the foundation down to be a big part of the plans in the future of the Rushmen under Larry Johnson.

He took a big step forward on that path Wednesday by shedding his black stripe. Hero Kanu is now officially a member of the Buckeyes program.

Hero Kanu joins other Ohio State freshmen to lose black stripes this preseason

Defensive back Ryan Turner, wide receiver Kojo Antwi, wide receiver Kaleb Brown, defensive end Kenyatta Jackson, cornerback Jyaire Brown, linebacker C.J. Hicks, tailback Dallan Hayden and wide receiver Kyion Grayes were all freshmen who shed their stripe during camp. Freshman safety Sonny Styles, who reclassified from the class of 2023 into the class of 2022, shed his black stripe just before the season began.

Defensive end Caden Curry and safety Kye Stokes lost their black stripes during spring practice.

Now Hero Kanu is the latest freshman to shed his.

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