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The Tim May Show: Talking with Buckeyes athletic trainer Doug Calland

Tim May01/24/23
Article written by:On3 imageTim May


Tim May Show
The Tim May Show.

COLUMBUS — The offseason is officially in full swing for Ohio State, even if the regular season just ended three weeks ago.

But that doesn’t mean the Tim May Show is taking any time off at all. No, the legendary Buckeyes football reporter doesn’t take any time off. Instead, he just regularly finds new guests to bring on the show — and that’s exactly what he did this week.

Tim May is joined by Ohio State athletic trainer Doug Calland, who has been with the Buckeyes training staff since 1995 after 11 years at Washington and has helped countless athletes both on and off the field. Calland is a graduate of Ohio State and a proud alum who now is in charge of ‘overseeing the football program and all aspects of athletic training in the Ohio State athletics department.’

Tim and Doug talk about every aspect of the life as an athletic trainer, what does into the job and how Calland has been able to do it since 1981, when he first graduated and got a job in the profession.

Don’t miss the latest Tim May Show episode with a special Buckeyes guest — just in time for a pivotal part of the Ohio STate offseason.

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