Ohio State: Harry Miller already getting FaceTime with Buckeyes

Ohio State: Harry Miller already getting FaceTime with Buckeyes

Jeremy Birminghamover 2 years
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COLUMBUS –– On Monday, Ohio State incoming freshman Harry Miller turned 18-years-old. And in typical Miller fashion, spent his day celebrating it a bit differently than his peers.

The 6-foot-4, 290-pound Miller is in Nicaragua, where he’s tried to spend some time each summer for the last handful of years, doing mission work with the people at Mission for Nicaragua, an organization he one day hopes to find himself as a board member. But whether he’s out of the country or at home in Georgia, Miller is also keeping contact with people back at Ohio State — ahead of his summer arrival — with technology and some creativity transporting him to the offensive line meeting room.

Obviously no stranger to hard work or extra effort to accomplish something, Miller is squeezing in time to learn the Buckeyes offense through FaceTime and phone calls with his future coaches.

“I’ve kind of initiated it with them,” Buckeyes offensive line coach Greg Studrawa said. “‘Hey, I’d like to get you ahead of the game because you’re still in high school and can’t be here.’ It’s especially important when it’s kids who we think can immediately help. It helps them in the transition when they come in here.”

It’s that commitment to being the best he can be that made Miller a 5-star prospect in the Class of 2019 and a 5-star human being away from the field. There are few kids ready for the rigors of the transition to college more than Miller, and that’s why both Studrawa and Ryan Day couldn’t help but mention him as a viable candidate for early playing time following Monday’s spring practice.

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There is a lot of optimism that Harry Miller will be a part of the Ohio State offensive line plan in 2019. (Birm/Lettermen Row)

“Harry will be sent today’s practice tonight, and he’ll write questions down and say, ‘Hey what happened here?'” Studrawa said. “I hope Harry isn’t doing that today since he’s down there [in Nicaragua] and it’s his birthday.

“Some kids get overwhelmed by it, but not Harry. He’s asking 20 questions, and then the next day he’s got 20 more and he’s the one calling me. It shows me the hunger he has, and we’re going to do whatever we can to keep fueling that.”

It’s rare that any Ohio State freshman, let alone an offensive lineman, becomes a vital piece of the two-deep roster. But Miller’s hunger, drive and impressive physical frame are already exciting the Buckeyes.

“Absolutely Harry can come in and compete right away,” Ryan Day said Monday. “He’s very intelligent and he’s been spending a lot of time FaceTiming with Coach Stud, two or three times a week trying to pick up the offense. He’s still looking over his stuff — even when he’s in another country.

“He’s really been working hard in terms of lifting and getting himself physically ready with [strength coach] Mickey Marotti. So, yeah we expect him to come in here and play right away. That was part of the conversation in the recruiting process.”

How ready is he for the next level physically? Studrawa said Monday that Miller has been putting up 26 repetitions on the bench press of 225-pounds, a staggering number for a young man that’s still in high school.

“He’s so physically developed and way ahead of high school seniors,” Studrawa told Lettermen Row. “He’s doing 26 reps at 225 pounds. That’s better than a lot of NFL combine guys, guys that can’t do that.

“Plus, it’s his maturity level. What kid has been going on missions for five years instead of going on spring break? He’s so mature and he’s very, very intelligent. He came from a really good high school program and he’s a driven kid, his parents have driven him but he’s always had a plan of what he wants to do. Other kids are hanging out at prom and doing all the other stuff but he’s focused on his goals and getting better. That means so much to him.”

The Buckeyes aren’t going to promise anyone playing time but there’s a confidence that the Georgia prospect will continue to do everything it takes to become a valuable part of the Ohio State program moving forward.

Staying connected is the way he’s wired.