Dotting the 'Eyes: Ohio State pushing for Wandale Robinson, St. Louis wideout likes Brian Hartline

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Ohio State target Jordan Johnson gets to know new faces

Staying at wide receiver, but moving to the Class of 2020, we’ll talk about St. Louis (Mo.) DeSmet High School 4-star Jordan Johnson briefly.

Johnson was one of the key underclassmen visitors that made a trip to Ohio State for Friday Night Lights at the end of June. And he was a prospect that former wide receivers coach Zach Smith had made a strong early connection with in the process.

“I had been talking to Coach Smith for a couple of weeks,” Johnson said. “He was my dude, and it sucks what’s been happening. Coach Hartline reached out to me. I like him. He seems like he has good energy.”

Now Johnson, the country’s No. 48 overall prospect in 2020, has to find a way to grow his relationship more with Hartline. That will be easier when Sept. 1 rolls around and the lines of communication between coaches and 2020 players open up, but the biggest key is a return visit to the school. The 6-foot-2, 180-pound wide receiver wants to do that in late November.

“I kind of have a visit planned,” he told Lettermen Row. “I want to be able to get up there and see the game against [Michigan].”

Doug Nester’s leadership role expanding

It’s getting closer to football season, and that means more chances to tell the tales of players from around the country stepping into the spotlight and becoming better players, people and leaders.

On Tuesday, we talked about Ohio State commitments Harry Miller and Sampson James. Tonight, we’ll head to Huntington, W.Va., the home of future Ohio State offensive lineman Doug Nester.

Nester became the first commitment in the Buckeyes 2019 class back in the summer of 2017, and since then he’s tried to maintain a relatively low profile. He’s a private, almost shy, kid. But as he gets closer to college, he knows he will have to break out of his shell a bit. That’s one reason why his senior season is important. It’s time for Nester to step into a leadership role right now for the Spring Valley High School.

From Larry Butcher of the Herald-Dispatch:

Leading Spring Valley back to Wheeling is Nester’s focus. Nester said he welcomed a leadership role and wanted to fill in the shoes of former teammate Owen Porter, a freshman defensive lineman for the Marshall Thundering Herd.

“Owen was our alpha dog,” Nester said. “I’m trying to take his spot and trying to get everyone to just hop on the train. Last year I took it on a little bit but its hard to do it all the time, really.”

Nester is a well-liked guy, and he’s not really that shy. But he isn’t a young man that opens the door to his mind for everyone. You’ve got to know him for him to trust you, but when he does, he’s a supportive, uplifting teammate, something that endears him to others.

“People gravitate to Doug,” Dingess said. “Owen was one of the most-vocal players I’ve ever had. Doug is more encouraging with his words. He won’t get in peoples’ faces. He’s a positive guy.”

That change for Nester is a positive step for his future at Ohio State. Give Butcher’s whole story a read, it’s worth it.

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