Ryan Day evaluates crazy 2021 cycle, surprises, lessons learned

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Ohio State football recruiting can be a wild ride full of twists and turns as recruits from all over the country maneuver their way to signing day. Lettermen Row is here to help navigate the tumultuous roads by getting to the heart of the matter with the young football players and Ohio State coaches and staff members themselves. Today’s guest is Ohio State head coach Ryan Day after the Buckeyes inked the country’s No. 2-ranked recruiting class.

The “unique” recruiting year for the 2021 recruiting class is, for the most part, over.

Ohio State signed 21 of the country’s top prospects on Wednesday morning, including five 5-star prospects from around the country.

That haul, good enough for the No. 2-ranked class in the country at this point, was a labor of love for Ryan Day and his assistant coaches, each of them forced to adjust to new and challenging times in college coaching. There were no in-person camps, there were no off-campus evaluations and heck, there was not even senior film available to watch on almost half of the country’s high school seniors.

But the Buckeyes weren’t slowed down. They focused on finding the kids and the families who made the most sense for them. And though they could have probably signed a few more guys this year if things had been different, the 21 they signed are perfect fits for what Ohio State is building.

“It’s the best class in the country for Ohio State,” Day said on Wednesday. “What’s the best class in the country for another school, that’s not the same for us.”

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Ryan Day and Ohio State have been dealt a tough hand, but they came out with aces on the recruiting trail. (Birm/Lettermen Row)

Recruiting for the Buckeyes is decidedly different right now than it is for most schools around the country. Ohio State had to adapt in 2020, though, and came out on unscathed. Day believes it showed the strength of the football program in Columbus.

“We identified early on some really special families that just built this thing,” Day said. “We used their feedback, and from the recruits as well. Who are the guys that fit out our culture? That’s what we just kept talking about, over and over over again. If they don’t fit, then they probably need to go somewhere else. We’ve been very, very honest in recruiting. People recognize the fact that if you come here, we’re going to do everything we can to take care of your son and try and maximize them to be great. This has been a strange year.”

After his press conference on Wednesday, Ryan Day took some extra time to discuss the 2021 recruiting class with Lettermen Row. the second-year leader of the Buckeyes detailed the ups, the downs, the challenges and surprises as well as lessons learned during this very strange year.

Check out the latest episode of Birminology to hear what the Ohio State coach had to say.

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