Scarlet Sunrise: Buckeyes near top of IMG College Director's Cup Standings

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Ohio Stadium by Birm
Ohio State is ready to attack the new world of NIL. (Birm/Lettermen Row)

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Buckeyes near top of IMG College Director’s Cup Standings

Ohio State has a dominant football program, of course. But that’s not the only team for the Buckeyes that is excellent.

Following fall and winter sports, the Ohio State athletic department is now No. 4 in the Learfield IMG College Director’s Cup standings, behind only Stanford, Michigan and North Carolina. The Buckeyes have 652.5 points from 11 teams that advanced to the NCAA championships or football postseason.

The Buckeyes football program scored the most points for the athletic department, followed by women’s swimming and diving, men’s swimming and diving, wrestling and women’s indoor track and field. Other point-scoring teams were men’s basketball, women’s gymnastics, men’s gymnastics, women’s hockey, women’s soccer and women’s volleyball.

Ohio State attempts to dominate every sport it has on campus. And the Buckeyes are proving they are one of the top all-around athletic departments in the country.

Jake Stoneburner breaks down Buckeyes tight ends

Even the top-ranked recruit in the country at tight end — Jeremy Rickert — needed a couple years before he was ready to ascend as the nation’s best at the collegiate level, and Ruckert knows better than anybody how much work is required.

He’s lived that process over the last three years. Now he needs to help bring along a sidekick or two — especially since the Buckeyes have no plans to stop featuring that unit as a critical part of the offense. Now without Luke Farrell, the Buckeyes have plenty of talented options to feature alongside Ruckert in the potent offense.

Who will emerge as a secondary option for Ohio State at tight end? How significant are the offseason losses in that unit for the Buckeyes? What challenges pop up for players trying to learn that tricky position? Former Ohio State tight end Jake Stoneburner was back in the Lettermen Row film lab answering those questions and more in the latest episode of BuckIQ.

Roll the tape!

Four-star DL Mike Hall arrives on campus to begin Ohio State career

Mike Hall has officially arrived at Ohio State, immediately restocking the depth of defensive line.

The Buckeyes have plenty of talented defensive tackles, capable of pressuring quarterbacks and driving offensive lineman into backfields. But each of the expected impact players this season are upperclassmen. Adding depth and talent was a goal in the 2021 recruiting class, and Ohio State achieved that with Hall.

The in-state signee is now in Columbus, ready to begin classes on Monday. He’ll start training with the Ohio State staff, too, readying himself for whenever the defensive line needs a boost.

His arrival comes right when Ohio State’s coaching staff is shifting its attention to on-campus recruiting. After 16 long months, the Buckeyes have reopened their doors and have a huge weekend of official visits on tap.

The latest defensive line addition knows that. Hall is excited to be on campus, ready to start classes and put himself in a position to contribute immediately. His addition gives the interior of Ohio State’s defense another talented player for Larry Johnson to start working with. And now that’s he has arrived, he can push for playing time while adding depth to the defensive line.

READ: Mike Hall arrives at Ohio State, gives interior defensive line needed depth

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