Scarlet Sunrise: Ryan Day pays visit to nation's top 2021 running back

Spencer Holbrookover 1 year
Ryan Day by Birm-Lettermen Row
Ohio State coach Ryan Day will be back on the practice field with the Buckeyes on Thursday. (Birm/Lettermen Row)

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Ryan Day pays visit to nation’s top 2021 running back

Ohio State landed a running back in the 2020 class when in-state prospect Miyan Williams flipped from Iowa State to the Buckeyes.

But the need for one of the country’s best running backs in 2021 is a big one. Ryan Day understands that, and that’s why he was in Texas on Wednesday morning, paying a visit to the nation’s No. 1 running back and No. 6 overall player Camar Wheaton.

Wheaton has taken a quiet approach to his recruitment, and it’s hard to tell who he’s favoring at the moment. But it’s still early in the recruiting cycle. The Buckeyes are in need for a huge splash at the running back position in this class, and Wheaton is one of their top choices.

Day wasn’t the only coach to stop into Lakeview Centennial High School in Garland, Texas, on Wednesday, but his appearance makes clear that he wants Wheaton as part of the Ohio State 2021 recruiting class.

Former Ohio State defensive end commits to Vanderbilt

A former Ohio State defensive end has found a new home.

Alex Williams, who announced his intentions to transfer earlier this month, will finish his collegiate football career at Vanderbilt, where he will play in the SEC. Williams appeared sparingly for the Buckeyes last season, and he never gained ground in the crowded defensive line room. Williams released the news in an Instagram post.

“The Ohio State University has given me tools as a young man to grow,” Williams wrote in an Instagram post. “And I thank everyone who’s been apart of said journey. I’ve been here my entire life and grew up being in this position, but life has audibles. Coach Day and Coach Larry Johnson gave me an opportunity of a lifetime and I cannot be more appreciative of that.”

Williams will have three years of eligibility remaining at Vanderbilt. It is unclear whether he will be immediately eligible.

Robert Landers joins BuckIQ

Robert Landers had quite the experience at Ohio State.

Landers played for the Buckeyes for five years, winning a lot of games, including three Big Ten titles. Before that, he battled questions about his size and ability. He made sure to prove many wrong, especially with a big season in 2019 as the Buckeyes made their way to the College Football Playoff.

Now, he’s training to become yet another Rushmen from Larry Johnson and Ohio State to have an impact immediately on an NFL roster. He doesn’t care where he winds up in the league; he just needs a chance to prove his tireless work ethic and broad skillset.

What would make Robert Landers a worthwhile NFL Draft pick for teams in April? What does the veteran defensive tackle see as his biggest strength as he moves to the next level after his career with the Buckeyes? How will he sell teams on his ability? As he trains for the critical couple months of workouts and interviews, Landers popped into the Lettermen Row film lab to reflect on his career and break down a few of his top moments in the latest episode of BuckIQ.

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