The Opening Finals: Ohio State commits chatting up top prospect Bryan Bresee

Jeremy Birminghamabout 3 years
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FRISCO, Texas — Bryan Bresee has been a long-time fan of Ohio State and has a relationship with the Buckeyes that dates back to his freshman season at Damascus (Md.)

The country’s top-ranked 2020 prospect is a 5-star defensive line talent, so it’s unsurprising that the Ohio State staff has been familiar with him a while now, too. And it’s no shock that Bresee is on the radar of defensive line coach Larry Johnson, who still has significant ties to the Maryland area.

A set of relationships with the 6-foot-5, 280-pound Bresee that is a bit newer? His bonds with the now-booming Ohio State class of 2020.

“There’s a bunch of them, and we’re in a big group chat,” Bresee said of the next wave of Buckeyes. “They all committed out of nowhere, nobody was ready for that. Jake committed and then everyone else just went for it. We all talk and they really like Ohio State and they try and push it on everybody else.

“They give us some good reasons, I think everybody else is just waiting.”

The question has to be asked then, does that really matter? Bresee said it’s the only group chat that he’s a part of with fellow recruits. We all know that recruiting is about comfort and relationships, so does comfort with your peers impact a decision?

“I think it could you know, if you’re friends with the kids that are committing and you’re in a close-knit group with them,” Bresee said. “You’re reaching out and talking to them and everyone is talking about it, then maybe.

“But not for me right now.”

Bryan Bresee working to narrow down his options

What is important to Bresee, who just released an early “Top 15” is trying to take in a recruiting process that’s been a bit of whirlwind for him since busting onto the national scene more than a year ago. He admitted that the process can get “overwhelming” at times, but he’s still having fun with it. There’s no timeline for a college decision, despite the push from the Ohio State commits.

“I think when I feel comfortable with the school, if I find the school that I want to go to and that’s the one, then I’ll commit. There’s no set time for it,” he said. “I just put out a top 15, but that’s a big number, there’s not really any schools that are really standing out among that group. I’ll come out soon with a smaller number, maybe seven or five.”

Crystal ball for Bryan Bresee favors Ohio State

Ohio State is sure to be on that list, and Bresee currently has a crystal ball that reads 83-percent in the favor of the Buckeyes. But he’s got some uncertainty about who would be his position coach in Columbus, despite Larry Johnson’s assertions in the last year that he was not going anywhere anytime soon.”

“[The relationship with Johnson] is good, it’s really good,” he said. “I think the only problem with him is that I don’t know how long he’ll be at Ohio State, because he’s getting older. I think he’s one of the best coaches out there.”