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Penn State's underrated storylines for Pro Day

Penn State quarterback Sean Clifford didn't get a chance to show what he could do at the NFL Combine. Penn State's Pro Day on Friday will be an important stage for the quarterback prospect. (Photo: Dan Althouse/BWI)

Penn State football will hold its annual Pro Day on Friday. Aside from select players who get private workouts from teams, it’s the last stop on the NFL Draft train before the big day(s) in April. Seven of Penn State’s players will get a re-do on whatever they feel they need to improve from the NFL Combine in February. For players like PJ Muistpher and Ji’Ayir Brown, the answer to that question is “everything.”  But truthfully, “everything” is the answer for almost every player in attendance. Aside from likely first-round pick Joey Porter Jr, who ran a quality 4.47 40-yard dash, most of Penn State’s players don’t have the draft cache to sit on either film or prior performances. In the millimeter-precise NFL, every tenth of a second counts. This is the last gasp for a player to convince a team that likes them to draft them.  But instead of harping on the numbers and thresholds again, let’s focus on a different set of players, the ones we haven’t seen perform. Today we’ll discuss the three most intriguing players competing tomorrow.