South Carolina Gamecocks Fan Site FAQ

(Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images)

Welcome South Carolina fans to the same brand and insiders you’ve trusted for decades, soon to be available on this exciting next-gen network.

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When will we officially know the name of the South Carolina fan site? 

Due to the publisher’s contractional obligations with their current network, we are not permitted to announce the site name until the first day of the transition to the On3 network, which is 12:01 AM ET on February 1, 2022. 

Will everyone from the previous staff be making the move to the On3 network? 

The entire staff of insiders and experts will be transitioning with the move to On3. 

Is the offer available for all South Carolina fans? 

As long as you are a South Carolina Gamecocks fan and want the very best team and recruiting scoop, you can take advantage of this unprecedented subscription offer. Pre-register now.

How do I get my username for the message boards?

Gamecocks fans are coming to the site from all over the internet; therefore, we encourage everyone to pre-register as soon as possible to ensure your best opportunity to have your previous username.

When can I begin posting on the message boards? 

Even though the site doesn’t officially launch until Jan. 1, 2022, you can immediately begin posting on the message boards once you have completed pre-registration. The Forums Lobby houses all the message boards.

Why are there not many ads on the page? 

Annual subscribers do not see any advertisements and monthly subscribers see a reduced ad experience. Unlike some other large media companies, On3 has a very high service level with minimal to no ads, no slideshows and no autoplaying videos that are not related to the article. 

How is the South Carolina On3 Channel different than the fan site? 

Along with the full-featured iconic fan site (to be announced), On3 offers users a new channel dedicated to their favorite team. More than 50 national writers and experts provide additional South Carolina team and recruiting news. 

How do I cancel? 

Unlike other larger media networks, users can instantly cancel any membership online at any time of the day or night without going through the hurdles of emails or calls to a customer service group located in some foreign-based call center.  

Click here for a limited time, pre-register and get an unprecedented 12 months for only $1.00.