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What Marcus Lattimore attributes to South Carolina's winning culture under Steve Spurrier

Mike Uva06/22/22
Article written by:On3 imageMike Uva


What Marcus Lattimore attributes to South Carolina's winning culture under Steve Spurrier
(Photo: Gamecock Central)

The newest episode to the podcast series “BLEAV in South Carolina” with ⁦me, Marcus Lattimore, and Nick Klos on the BLEAV Network is live.

On this week’s episode, we discussed a handful of topics related to summer training. This included the advantages Lattimore believes the Gamecocks have from training in the Columbia heat to what skills a successful strength and conditioning coach must have.


But during the “Ask Marcus Lattimore Anything” segment towards the end of the show, he was asked a question by Gamecock Central subscriber Zbark4. They asked, “what do think makes a winning culture and how did (Steve) Spurrier build those past teams?”

“His reputation spoke a lot for itself,” said Lattimore. “He brought his swag, himself, (and) a confidence.”

Lattimore then began listing qualities he recalled from his time at South Carolina. A time that saw the winningest stretch of football in program history.

“What is that strength (and conditioning) staff like? Are players holding each other accountable? As a coach, have you done a good job of giving the leaders (on the team) ownership?

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But what takes place on the field is just a small part of it.

“What’s happening outside the walls when they’re not there? Do they hangout? They don’t have to be best friends but do they have a relationship with each other? Do they trust each other? Trust – it’s what Beamer’s building. That’s for certain. The name of life is responding to adversity so being a resilient team. How do you gel and be resilient? (It’s) trust and being close. Knowing that guy has your back.”

The last two Lattimore mentioned go without saying: hard work and some luck with staying healthy.

“Conditioning. From a physical aspect can we endure? Can we endure the trenches of the SEC? I’m speaking directly to culture. I’m speaking directly to a winning culture in the SEC. Can you endure it because it’s grueling. My body couldn’t endure it. That’s something that can be trained in the mind and the body.”

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