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What No. 24 Texas players said after 38-27 win over Baylor

Justin Wells11/25/22
Article written by:On3 imageJustin Wells
On3 image
Quinn Ewers. (Will Gallagher/Inside Texas)

The No. 24 Texas Longhorns took down Baylor, 38-27, on Friday from DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium in Austin. Here’s what the players said following the win and last home game for many seniors.

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Bijan Robinson, RB

“We’ll, first off I’m going to give honor to God for everything that he’s done for me and for getting us out of the game healthy. “

“That’s a huge moment, and to hear that, with this foundation and everything that we’ve been through. That’s everything that we’ve been through, not just the last game. I’m just so appreciative for Baylor, who has a pretty stout run-defense. We went heavy downhill on them and once they get tired, and got out of their gaps, then we started doing everything the right way for the offense.” – On the announced 80,000K+ fans that attended today’s Texas-Baylor game in Austin

Roschon Johnson, RB

“I’m just blessed. I’m just blessed. I’m thankful for the seniors that I came in here with and the underclassmen, but I’m just I’m thankful.”

“I knew it was either going to cut up vertical real fast or they’d give up their leverage from outside, and I can bounce it as soon as the blocks connected. I just let (Christian Jones) set up and he sent (BU defender) into the grass. I just saw green grass and it was one-on-one with me and with the safety so I just gave him my stutter and just jumped over.” – On his game-cementing touchdown and SuperMan-like hurdle

Quinn Ewers, QB

“You know when you have guys like Roschon (Johnson) and Bijan (Robinson), just the best one-two punch in the country, those guys really show what it truly means. You love this team and play real hard for this team, and like you said, I just get to sit back there and watch.”

“(We) started out pretty hot (this season) and had couple of tough ones, with some good games in between. We know we have a lot to learn from this year. We learned a lot. That’s all you can really say. You can’t live on ‘what ifs’, you just can’t, especially not in this game. We learned the most from Roschon and Bijan this year. Like I said earlier, I learned how and what it means to be a vocal leader. And with Bijan, the way he looks at God, just such a selfless guy, selfless player. He’s a really good really good dude. And you know everybody kind of thrives off that and tries to tries to be you know, like him.”