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New "Inside the Trojans' Huddle" (June 7): Media rankings, fan confidence, HOF ballot, Musings with Arledge, all-time underrated O&D players, and more...

Greg Katz06/07/22
Article written by:On3 imageGreg Katz
Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire

On this week’s “Inside the Trojans’ Huddle”, panelists Marc Kulkin, Chris Arledge, Steve Bisheff, and Greg Katz discuss the recent preseason USC football rankings by the national media and publications, the USC athletic administration’s understanding of the current Trojans fan base, the three new Trojans nominated for induction into the College Football Hall of Fame, hard-hitting “Musings with Arledge” commentary, the most underrated offensive and defensive player of the modern football era of USC football, and viewer questions and panel answers.   

The first quarter of ITTH focuses on the panel’s reaction to the wide array of preseason football rankings as they pertain to the Trojans. ESPN, Athlon, and Lindy’s all have various perceptions and perspectives on the 2022 Trojans. There was a general consensus on where the Trojans should be ranked and general concerns about a Top 10 ranking.

In the second quarter, the panel discusses if the USC athletic administration is misreading the fan base’s confidence in the overall program, and will the administration try and take advantage of the current excitement of the Lincoln Riley football program to the point of a backlash of fan support when asked for financial support? There was praise for the way USC’s image has bounced back, but there was concern about the administration again taking the Trojans’ fan base for granted.   

For the halftime segment, the panel assesses the chances of induction of three former Trojans nominated to the 2023 College Football Hall of Fame ballot. Of the three nominated Trojans – Jeff Bregel, Mark Carrier, and Reggie Bush – who is the most likely and least likely to be voted in? There was a consensus No. 3 of whom wouldn’t get in, but there was disagreement on the chances of Carrier and Bush getting enough votes to be inducted into the HOF.

In the Huddle’s third quarter, the panel is asked to put themselves into the position of head coach of the Trojans and would they have hired a special teams coach rather than delegated the position to various members of their staff? This was a lively debate with some split opinions.  

For the lighting of the traditional “Chris Arledge Coliseum Torch” between the third and fourth quarter, “Musings with Arledge” commentary focuses on various topics of his wrath. Viewers and listeners will be again entertained by Arledge’s creativity and oratory skills. We’ll let Arledge surprise you with his many thoughts on a variety of subjects. However, beware Pat Haden, Lynn Swann, Max Nikias, and Clay Helton.

In the fourth quarter, the panel is asked to give their opinion on who is the most underrated offensive and defensive player in the modern era of USC football. With a wide range of age and experience on the panel, two quarterbacks stood out as underrated players and a pair of inside linebackers were supported by two panelists as being underrated.

And in Overtime, the panel answers viewer questions regarding which assistant coach will have the greatest impact on the developing of the current roster, running up the score against Rice in order to look good to the local and national viewing audience, and how to deal with “Trojan envy”.