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Pete's Arboblog: Thanksgiving edition

Article written by:On3 imageGarryP
Pete Arbogast is the radio play-by-play voice of the Trojans: If the replay shows the man’s foot out of bounds when the interception is made, shouldn’t the interception not be credited? What if SC gets it back and scores to go ahead or at least tie it up, then Sarao takes the second pick six in for the lead?  The Rose Bowl is quiet except for a wild celebration of cardinal and gold dressed fans. Like the interesting genre of books about “What If….”, you can play that game all day and all night…and drive yourself nutty doing it. It looked pretty clear that Ucla had the better squad on this night almost a week ago….but I still can’t help but wonder….what if? But the facts are they stuck to our receivers like glue, and took them out of the game, and forced Kessler to hang on too long because he had no one open, so they sacked him 6 times just like last year, and he had an ordinary game, and if things don’t change, ND will do just the same to him that Ucla did and they did in South Bend a year ago. And our OL got shoved around so that the running game could not get going, and then Buck was MIA at key times, never mind that Justin Davis might have played better during practice….Buck was the leading RB in the conference. Well, it all spelled awful frustration again, and another year of the almost unbearable. ** What, then, of the Irish.  Also 7-4 and stumbling their way to the finish line.  They have huge injury troubles, but a keen QB in Gholston who can do what Hundley did without missing a beat. We are kid of “due” against these guys, after somehow failing to move the ball an inch in the second half last year after they lost their QB and the backup looked like a mannequin. If Barkley plays last time here instead of Wittek…….IF ROJO catches that easy pass over the middle in 2011 here.  Oh, wait, I’m playing the “what if” game again. I DO know that most new SC coaches don’t win their first ever game anywhere against the Irish.  And that Sark could use this one very, very much. I DO know we are being talked about as a Holiday Bowl team if we can win…opponent from the Big 10 would be Nebraska, or maybe Wisconsin or Maryland, or maybe Ohio State or Michigan State. A loss might take us back to Vegas, this time against Boise State perhaps? One sounds a little more “big time” in football circles, eh? Does ND kicker Kyle Brindza just seem like a 9th year senior to me? They only have two returning starters on defense from last year’s game, and not that many more on offense, although three of those are on a decent OL. ** I listened to and recorded a piece of the 1964 SC-ND thriller to play for you at some point on the broadcast Saturday, and if I can figure out a way to do it, now that Tom Kelly has been spotted back in the press box after a lengthy illness, I’d like to have him comment on this rivalry during our broadcast. Finger’s crossed, let’s hope it works out. They’re going to honor the 64 and 74 comeback teams during the game Saturday…..50 and 40 years ago….how time flies when you’re having fun. ** Looking forward to seeing all the other games this week and next, and now rooting hard for all of the teams ahead of the Westwooders to win out as much as possible.  And of course that they trip up Friday or next week.  Go Stanford!  And/Or Oregon! ** Coach Enfield’s hoopsters may be in for a long season, but improvement is what we are after, so we can build from this into future great years.  Did I read that 11 of our 14 players are FR or SO?  Wow!  Now get two more great classes and we can talk. The women are off to a good start, which was NOT unexpected. And the men’s water polo team has been living on the edge, but managed to grab the third seed for the NCAA’s in San Diego in two weeks.  Let’s see if they can put it together for a three game run and win #7 in a row.  It seems impossible based on recent results, but everyone is even now. ** Jenny and I are spending Thanksgiving morning with anyone who comes to help, giving out free slices of pie to all comers for the 7th year in a row.  Our heart felt thanks to all of you who took time to send checks to offset the cost. It’s your event, too.  You guys are awesome! ** I did at least five appearances for various SC-UCLA shows and functions, but the most fun by far was the Rotary Clubs of the South Bay getting together and having me MC for JR and Terry Donohue.  Got to be on TV with Liz Habib on Fox for a preview of last week’s game, with Ucla counterpart Chris Roberts who called his final Big Game. ** Enjoy your Thanksgiving, and be safe. Fight On and Beat ND!