WeAreSC Football AND Recruiting Q&A (1/3/22)
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WeAreSC Football AND Recruiting Q&A (1/3/22)

Scott Schrader24 days
Article written by:Scott SchraderScott Schrader


Zion Branch and Jovantae Barnes

WeAreSC answers all of our subscribers questions each week on the USC Football Team and Recruiting. We may not have an immediate reply, but we’ll do all we can to answer all questions submitted as expeditiously as possible.

The hot topics include new RB coach Kiel Mcdonald and his potential impact on recruiting, 2023 RB targets for the Trojans, when the staff will likely be announced and USC’s Name Image and Likeness plans.

Also Offensive Line Targets likely to visit in Janaury, All-American Bowl announcments, possible silent Commits, potential transfers and much more.

Recruiting is heating up and we’ve got THE LATEST!!

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