Justin Eboigbe describes what he learned while sitting out due to injury

On3 imageby:Barkley Truax04/19/23


Every injury comes with a unique set of obstacles, which are not always physical. Alabama DL Justin Eboigbe found this out the hard way after being sidelined for the past several months.

“I learned to look at things from a different perspective,” Eboigbe said about his new viewpoint. “You’re so used to being out there on the field, and you can only see from that vantage point. But now [I] can see it as if I was watching film. You can see from the sidelines the same way you see on TV.

“We’re all brothers, so if there was something they don’t see that I see, that’s on me to help them. The fact that they were responsive enough to ask what was going on, what they don’t see, that’s the only thing I could do to help — is to have my words and have my eyes.

Eboigbe missed most of the 2022 season after suffering a neck injury and there has been no rush to get him back onto the field. He posted on social media earlier this month saying that he had “great news,” which seems to indicate he will be making an official return sooner rather than later.

During his four seasons in Tuscaloosa, Eboigbe has notched 59 total tackles, 2.0 sacks and an interception. Back at full strength, the veteran has the potential to rack up career numbers with Alabama this season, and he has his rehab to thank you that.

Throghout his recovery, he mainlty worked with assistant strength and conditioning coach UJ Johnson to help him get back to full strength — and he couldn’t say enough about Johnson, who is entering his third season with the football program. Eboigbe said he still uses the workouts Johnson taught him in his every day routine.

“During this time, especially when I was getting back and connecting with the strength and conditioning coach. At first, I was only cleared to do [elastic] bands and stuff like that,” Eboigbe said. “So, of course, I was away from the team, away from practice. So having him, that one-on-one work, I feel like part of the reason why I am where I am at this stage and why I feel so healthy and so strong right now is because of him.”

Eboigbe, who is a former four-star recruit out of the 2019 class, is expected to be ready to suit up for the Crimson Tide’s season opener on Sept. 2 against Middle Tennessee State. By the time that game rolls around, it would be nearly an entire year since his injury occured.