Malachi Moore expects Alabama secondary to set the tone for defense

On3 imageby:Justin Rudolph05/01/23

Following the close to the Alabama Crimson Tide‘s spring practice, veteran defensive back Malachi Moore addressed his unit’s highs and lows in the spring game. However, one of the questions he took was about the recent comments made by Alabama head coach Nick Saban. Saban was critical of the Crimson Tide’s defensive back unit, saying they still have a long ways to go. But was this something that Moore took personally? Yes, it was. But it was in such a way that his head coach and position coach could very well be appreciative of his stance.

“I took that personally just because that’s our secondary,” said Moore. “And the way we see things, we should be leaders of the defense just because Coach Saban is our position coach and things like that. So that’s why I be preaching to the guys, like, we have to set the tone for the defense and set the tone for the team. Even when we come out and practice and (are) having like a casual day; not to say casual, but, you know, you have down days. I tell them we (are) the ones that got to pick it up and get everybody on the same page.”

Moore is up to taking on the challenge thrown at his feet by Saban. He understands the expectations that have been levied on him by his head coach. And the senior Crimson Tide defender will look to exceed those expectations in 2023.

Moore gives his perspective on Alabama’s secondary

This is not just a one-size-fits-Moore task. In order to complete Saban’s challenge, he’s going to need help from everyone, including the new faces in the room. And that is why Moore has had his eye on the Crimson Tide secondary and those young incoming players for much of this off-season and gave his thoughts on the incoming crop of young players.

“I think all the cornerbacks, all the secondary, I think they’re coming along real nice,” said Moore. “And I like the way they’ve been working. You know, some days we have good days, some days we have bad days. But I tell those guys, like, just keep pushing and keep taking the next step. And make sure that they’re great in their technique and sound in their technique and get up there with their position coaches and learning the system as much as they can. So, I really like what I’m seeing of the young guys.”

Moore was all over the field for Alabama last season. He finished the year with 31 tackles,1.5 sacks, and five pass breakups. The junior defensive back was also an impact player on special teams with a returned blocked punt for a touchdown and winning special teams player of the week by Alabama’s coaches in three different weeks last season.

Now if the incoming players can wreck the game the same way Moore has, the Crimson Tide’s defense will continue its dominating ways in 2023.