Urban Meyer backs Jalen Milroe, Tide to CFP: 'If I'm a betting person, I'm saying Alabama's in the final four'

On3 imageby:On3 Staff Report11/16/23
Urban Meyer backs Jalen Milroe, Tide to CFP: ‘If I’m a betting person, Alabama is in the final four’

Former Ohio State coach Urban Meyer still follows college football quite closely, with his job as an analyst on FOX’s Big Noon Kickoff requiring it.

But even when Meyer is done with work he’ll find himself occasionally drawn to the TV checking out one team: Alabama. And what he’s seen has indicated to him he’s watching a viable national title contender.

“If I’m a betting person I’m saying Alabama’s in the final four,” Meyer said.


Well, quarterback Jalen Milroe is a pretty good starting point. Meyer has continued to rave about the Alabama quarterback, throwing out some lofty player comparisons in the process.

“That Milroe, he might be the best athlete in college football,” Urban Meyer said. “Obviously you’ve got Marvin Harrison Jr. but that’s Percy Harvin, that’s Braxton Miller, that’s Reggie Bush. I actually watch them when I don’t have to, because I really enjoy watching that quarterback.”

Milroe has been electric, scoring 10 touchdowns in the last two games, seven of them with his legs. He’s been an elite rushing threat, racking up 333 yards rushing and 12 touchdowns on the ground.

Meyer issued a word of caution to Alabama but knows the Crimson Tide need to keep leaning on its dual-threat quarterback.

“They ran him 22 times in the last game,” Urban Meyer said. “You’ve got to be careful because obviously he can get dinged and the backup’s in there. But he’s very courageous. He’s running it, doesn’t seem to be resisting it.”

Going into the home stretch of the season, Meyer is banking on Alabama taking care of business against the likes of Chattanooga and Auburn. Even though Auburn is playing well, Meyer isn’t about to bet against Alabama at this time of the year.

“They’ve only lost four games in November/December in the last decade,” Urban Meyer said. “So that’s an excellent stat. Don’t ever challenge their roster, because they have great players and they’ll figure it out. And they did figure it out, because I was really concerned early in the year. They looked about as un-Alabama as I’ve ever seen. Against South Florida it was terrible. Then you watch them now.”