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Will Anderson explains why there's no real downtime during an Alabama offseason

Stephen Samraby:Steve Samra06/19/22


Will Anderson recognizes greatness doesn’t take a day off — and Alabama is greatness.

The weather may be getting nicer, but Anderson can’t kick his cleats off and relax by the pool. In an appearance on The Paul Finebaum Show last week, the Alabama star spoke about how there’s no real downtime during the Crimson Tide offseason.

“It’s going great, team’s been getting after it, working hard. Coach Saban’s been on us and we’ve been having a good time going out there trying to get better every day, it’s great,” Anderson said, regarding his summer thus far. “.. You’re busting your butt every day trying to get better. Working, 6:30 a.m. lifts. But it’s worth it.”

Evidently, the beach and hanging out with friends isn’t exactly on the agenda for Anderson. Continuing, the star linebacker stated his downtime is being used to help Alabama improve.

“I’ll probably go help with recruiting tonight or tomorrow, that’s probably my down time, talking to some recruits,” added Anderson.

When attempting to win a championship, you have to put the work in. Will Anderson and Alabama are doing just that this summer, and those missed trips to the beach will all be worth it when the lights are brightest.

Will Anderson opens up about his dad’s impact on his career

Moreover, Alabama Crimson Tide star edge rusher Will Anderson joined the Paul Finebaum Show on Friday ahead of Father’s Day and gave his dad a timely, nationally televised shoutout.

“He’s meant everything to my career,” Anderson told the SEC analyst. “My dad’s a big influence on my life, sports-wise and not even sports-wise, just overall. He’s done so much for me. He keeps my head sharp and he’s a great person to talk to just whenever I’m going through something. He’s been a tremendous dad.

“I give all the praise and love, and a big shoutout to my dad because my mom, she overtakes everything because she’s a big football mom and my dad stays in the back, but I have to shoutout my dad because he’s done a tremendous job raising me and getting me to the point where I’m at. Putting me in training, he was working late nights but in the morning, he would try to talk to me and stuff like that. He’s been a big help in the whole process I’ve been going through.”