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WATCH: Arkansas' Peyton Stovall blasts no-doubt home run against North Carolina in Super Regional

Barkley-Truaxby:Barkley Truax06/11/22


After four-straight innings of a quality start for North Carolina‘s LFP Max Carlson, Arkansas‘ Peyton Stovall stepped into the plate and crushed Carlson’s fastball north of 400 feet for a solo home run, clearing the trees in Chapel Hill and scoring the first run of the game.

Carlson’s tough fifth inning continued following the hit, letting up four more hits in as many batters, but got out of the jam thanks to a double play. Now, Tar Heel head coach Scott Forbes has to make a call as to whether or not to leave Carlson in the games the fifth inning continues and the Razorbacks lead 3-0 heading into the sixth.

Catch the remainder of game one of the Chapel Hill Super Regional series live on ESPN.

Arkansas head coach Dave Van Horn gives humble response on passing Norm DeBriyn

Dave Van Horn was nothing but humble after passing his hero — Norm DeBriyn — on the all-time wins list. 

While his team was in a celebratory mood after their victory, the Arkansas coach took a moment to reflect on how much the honor truly means to him.

“Norm’s the best. Norm’s the best, I don’t care,” started Van Horn. “Norm’s best coach ever. I’m still working. 

“He did it when they played at the fairgrounds. They had a crappy field. They had nothing. He did it then. Yeah, maybe they played some different teams than we play these days. I haven’t won that many games at Arkansas. That’s just from Division II one year, to Division I, how many years I’ve been coaching. Hey, it’s awesome. It’s an honor. I’ve had a lot of great players, a lot of great coaches and we’ve won a lot of games. 

“I’m proud of it. But, never did I ever go try to catch Norm DeBriyn, because you know, I worked for him. I played for him. We talk, we text all the time. He comes by my office. Man’s 81, 82 years old. He comes by for 15 minutes and then we talk for a minute and he’ll get up and say, ‘Well, I got my baseball fix. I’ll see you later. I’ll see you Norm.’ It’s pretty cool.”