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Shedeur Sanders, Travis Hunter evaluate how first spring at Colorado went

Stephen Samraby:Steve Samra04/28/23


Shedeur Sanders and Travis Hunter are arguably the two biggest stars on Deion Sanders‘ revamped Colorado Buffaloes squad.

The duo will be grabbing a lion-share of the headlines over the course of the 2023 season for the program. They’ve already started to do so, as all eyes were on them during the team’s spring practices and subsequent spring game, and both are feeling confident with how things are progressing.

“I would say we’re heading in a great direction” began Sanders. “Now I know what I want. Back then I was younger, so I was nervous. I was out there playing, and I didn’t understand what I wanted so I had to learn a lot.

“Now I’ve got a couple of years under my belt, so I know exactly what I want, and I know how to get the best out of guys.”

Evidently, Sanders has learned that the same tactics aren’t going to work with each wide receiver on the team, and that’s something he’s been thoughtful of throughout the last couple of months.

“Each receivers different,” explained the Colorado quarterback. “For me, I know what’s going to make Travis play his best, I know what’s going to make Montana [Lemonious-Craig] play his best, and of course Jimmy [Horn Jr.] and Kaleb [Mathis] and everybody like that. But now we know exactly what we want, and I’m able to really like, step up and lead us in the right direction.”

As for Hunter, he believes a slow-start from the program could be chalked up to simply the amount of transfer Sanders brought with him from Jackson State over the offseason. However, now that they all have their feet under them, the team is progressing nicely.

“We pretty much started off slow in the spring. I mean, we all was just transferring in, so it took us a little bit longer than probably any other team,” added Hunter. “But other than that, we’ve started to bond well.

“Started to practice — practice started to get more intense because we knew what we was doing. Defense starting to gel. Offense starting to get more. So we just pretty much put our heads down, and we started to work towards what we wanted to work towards for this fall season.”

Deion Sanders will certainly lean on Shedeur Sanders and Travis Hunter over his first season at Colorado, and a lot of the Buffaloes’ success will depend on how the duo plays. Nevertheless, it’ll be fascinating to watch the entire program moving forward.