Colorado transfer tight end Zachary Courtney reveals former team won't allow access to practice film

On3 imageby:Griffin McVeigh04/26/23


Colorado has seen a mass exodus from the program over the past week. Head coach Deion Sanders has been planning for it since the start. Even so, continually seeing Buffaloes pop up in the NCAA transfer portal has been crazy to see.

Tight end Zachary Courtney was one of those, announcing his intentions to leave on April 19. He has had one problem over the past week, though. Courtney has not been able to get practice film out to other schools. He claims Sanders has blocked his access to the film since entering the portal.

“For the coaches who are trying to recruit me,” Courtney said via Twitter. “I am sorry but I will not be able to get y’all my film from my practices last season since I am not allowed to have it because the head coach at CU won’t allow it. This is very unlucky and if you have any questions just text me!”

In later replies, Courtney claims the tweet was not a shot at Sanders and was just a heads-up for coaches across the country. To this point, only two offers have been extended to the tight end as both Coastal Carolina and Miami (OH) have extended offers.

According to the On3 Recruiting Prediction Machine (RPM), Miami (OH) currently has a lead at 53.3%. Coastal Carolina takes up the rest, coming in at 46.7%.

Courtney spent just one season at Colorado, originally hailing from Post, TX. He was never able to get on the field under the old head coaching regime but still went through practice on a daily basis. And then once Sanders took over, he was with the Buffaloes for most of spring ball.

Now on the open market, Courtney has been one of many Colorado players to enter the portal. Sanders talked about wanting to reload following Saturday’s spring game.

“You all know that we’re gonna move on from some of the team members and we’re gonna reload and get some kids that we really identify with,” Sanders said after the spring game. “So this process is gonna be quick, it’s gonna be fast, but we’re gonna get it done.”

While he might be pushing them out the door, no practice film is going to be provided. Since he did not make a freshman-year appearance, Courtney will have to rely on his old high school tape when speaking with potential landing spots.