Florida in position to get 2025 5-star WR Caleb Cunningham back on campus

On3 imageby:Collin Ginnan02/11/24


After a successful visit to Gainesville last weekend, Gators recruiting insider Keith Niebuhr said that Florida is currently in a good position to get Ackerman (Miss.) Choctaw County 2025 five-star wide receiver Caleb Cunningham back on campus this year for an official visit.

“I already knew they were a great program but after that visit I knew I did the right thing putting them on the list,” Cunningham told Gators Online. “I saw yesterday why I put them on that list.”

Cunningham is the nation’s No. 11 overall prospect and No. 2 wide receiver in the 2025 cycle according to the On3 Industry Ranking — a weighted average that utilizes all four major recruiting media companies. He is also the top prospect in Mississippi.

“It was great,” Cunningham said. “They showed a lot of love. I saw a lot of good things. I spent time with (receivers coach Billy Gonzales) and Coach (Billy) Napier. He talked to me, too. I got to really see everything for the first time. I’d been there, to a game and for a camp. But this was the first real visit, being on campus, seeing the facilities and stuff.”

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Niebuhr joined The Inside Scoop football recruiting show to discuss Cunningham’s visit and Florida’s place in his recruitment.

“He had a great visit to Gainesville the other day. It wasn’t his first time there, he’d been there for a camp and previously for a game. I said — is the distance an issue for him? He said, “I’ve got a 10-hour window.” He’ll drive within 10 hours. So I looked it up and he’s about 9 hours and 40 minutes from Gainesville. But he’s also within 30 minutes of Mississippi State and he’s closer to other schools.

“But he had a great visit to Gainesville. He likes the fact that they have DJ Lagway there. Obviously DJ Lagway, you would think in 2025 probably would be Florida’s starting quarterback when Caleb Cunningham — if he picked Florida — would be there. He’s got Florida in his top 12. He likes the receivers coach, he likes that Billy Gonzales has been so productive as a coach in terms of recruiting and then developing guys and getting them off to the NFL. Billy Gonzales has a heck of a track record just at Florida, let alone other places. He likes all of that, he says he’s going to officially visit down the road. “Hey man, I’m not in any hurry to make a commitment,” he told me. They’re doing all they can do. He likes Florida a lot, they like him a lot. He’s an outstanding young guy to talk to, he’s bonding with people in Gainesville.

“But we have heard through the grapevine that while he says ‘Hey within 10 hours, I’m cool’ — we’ve heard that some people around him may want him a little bit closer to home. So that’s going to be an uphill climb for Florida. But they’re in the ballgame.”