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Mike Norvell on facilities at Florida State: 'It's necessary investment'

On3 imageby:Dan Morrison06/11/24


The Florida State Seminoles have actively been investing in the football program’s facilities in a move that Mike Norvell recently described as being necessary for the team moving forward.

Norvell met with media members while in Jacksonville for the Seminoles’ booster tour. There, he broke down the value of having excellent facilities in the modern era of college football.

“It’s just so much investment,” Mike Norvell said. “I think it’s necessary investment when you look at the things that across college football that are being able to provide those opportunities for our student athletes. For me, it always goes to the way that we teach, the way that we instruct, helping build their knowledge in as many unique ways that we can.”

Florida State is currently going through a massive expansion to its athletics facilities. That included facilities for the use of student-athletes, as well as improvements to Doak Campbell Stadium that will help improve the fan experience.

“But it’s going to be a state-of-the-art training athletic facility. Football-only weight room. Just the space and resources necessary for us to continue to grow,” Norvell said.

“Then, when you see the work that’s going on at Doak Campbell Stadium, we’ve got an incredible fanbase and a lot of people have to travel from a good distance to come to Tallahassee and be a part of that, and we want to make that the best experience possible, and I think that we’re really going to have some great enhancements to the gameday and really overall the game weekend experience. It’s definitely a special place to be and we want to make it that in the time when people are there.”

Changes in college sports, like NIL and the House settlement, have made it appear that money will be spent on things aside from facilities in the future. However, as Mike Norvell highlighted, facilities still have value.

Mike Norvell on how conference realignment impacts Florida State

One of the changes to college sports has been conference realignment. That’s something that Mike Norvell recently addressed how it impacts Florida State.

“No, I mean, it’s still about us, and you know, I said that a couple years ago, same thing last year. As you go through this journey, it’s just about seeing our team get better,” Norvell said.

“And, you know, last year, we had a great regular season, championship game. Obviously, season didn’t end the way we wanted to in a couple different ways, but you know, can we show up this next season and be a better football team? Some new guys, some new opportunities, new roles that guys, you know, are finding themselves in and embracing that, and just to grow as a program, to continue to push.”