Mike Norvell shares how Florida State addresses positions of need

On3 imageby:Justin Rudolph05/08/23

On paper, the Florida State Seminoles have quality talent at every position on the field. But that doesn’t mean they couldn’t use a player or two who are floating around in the transfer portal. During a recent interview, head coach Mike Norvell shared how Florida State has addresses positions of need. Norville also explained whether or not the transfer portal will play a role in the Seminoles acquiring more talent before the start of the 2023 season.

“Those are all possibilities. I was really pleased in the spring; you have some early freshmen enrolled. And you look at KJ Kirkland and Quindarrius Jones; I mean, those guys in the defensive backfield were guys that we were really excited that they signed,” said Norvell. “We were really excited about them coming in. But they’ve shown some traits that I think are going to be able to help our football team.”

The spring NCAA transfer portal closed on April 30, but there are still a few players floating around in there. Teams that are lacking a playmaker two will likely have to hang tight over the summer and hope that some of the young talents on their team make a huge jump in productivity in 2023.

Norvell and Florida State have done an impressive job on the recruiting trail, consistently improving their national recruiting class ranking during his time heading the program. And their most recent recruiting class, the Seminoles, ranked 20 in the nation and third in the ACC behind Miami and Clemson, according to On3’s recruiting class ranking.

Norvell says the transfer portal is ‘twofold’

For all that Florida State has done to improve the roster via recruiting, the transfer portal still plays a significant role. Depending on how the winds of change are blowing on any given day, a program could be a victim of a mass exodus of players or acquire a tremendous amount of talent out of the transfer portal. For Norvell, he respects that the transfer portal is a two-way street and is not afraid to use it.

“It’s twofold; yes, there might be some people that leave the program that could open a need. But there’s also guys that entered the program that we feel bring quality and depth. We’re still going to always evaluate to see if there is the right person or the right situation that we could bring and add a playmaker to our offense, defense, special teams, wherever. As long as they fit what we’re looking to continue to build upon.

“So, it is always evaluated, but yes, it could add, in some situations, at times. But we’re pretty confident in where we are and what happened with our roster.”

With the spring transfer portal window closed players are no longer allowed to enter the NCAA transfer portal. Still, there are a few names that remain active that have yet to find a home for the 2023 season. But it appears as if Florida State and Norvell are comfortable and confident in their roster heading into 2023.