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Bruce Feldman gives surprising update on the LSU coaching search

by:Austin Brezina11/03/21


College football analyst Bruce Feldman spoke on Fox Sports about the LSU head coaching search, and the possibility of LSU hiring Jimbo Fisher. Feldman believes the main target for LSU’s athletic director, Scott Woodward, is the current head coach of Texas A&M despite his new contract.

LSU coaching search begins with Jimbo Fisher

“The LSU [coaching search] is really interesting because even though Jimbo Fisher at Texas A&M had said he plans to remain on at A&M — and that kind of doused a lot of the speculation that Scott Woodward, the AD at LSU, would be able to hire him again,” explained Feldman. “Remember Woodward — when he was the AD at A&M — was able to pry Jimbo Fisher away from FSU.

“From what I’m hearing from people around LSU is that Scott Woodward is not giving up easily. And he feels like he may be able to pull Jimbo Fisher again even though the A&M people are like ‘no, that’s not happening.’ So we’ll see how that plays out.”

The possibility of stealing away Fisher seeming more and more difficult after his newest contract extension was signed earlier this year. If Woodward is not able to get his man, Feldman believes LSU insiders have begun to support bringing in another member of the SEC coaching tree. Michigan State’s Mel Tucker could be the man for the job.

“Mel Tucker is a guy that has obviously had a terrific year and done a really good job turning around Michigan State,” Feldman continued. “He’s a former LSU assistant, former Nick Saban assistant. He is very well thought of by a lot of people inside LSU, especially some really influential people.

“But ultimately this will be Scott Woodward’s hire. Can Jimbo Fisher really say no to him? We’ll see.”

Kirk Herbstreit on LSU parting with Ed Orgeron

“First, I love Coach O and hope that he’ll always be welcome there and fans will always love him, but I just hope LSU can get back to playing with a sense of pride for that state, those colors, that stadium, for each other,” college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit said following the announcement that LSU would be moving on from Ed Orgeron as their coach.

“You’re not going to win every game but if you just play that way, the way they have for decades, you just have to get back to playing LSU Tiger football.”

Top football coaches around the nation will all be interested in filling Orgeron’s shoes. The Louisiana native is the second-highest paid head coach and Woodward will likely continue the trend. The culture of support around LSU football is also second to none.

Whoever the new head coach is for the Tigers, they will have to overcome a shift in the team’s mentality since 2019, Kirk Herbstreit says.

“Not worrying about NIL, what round am I going to be drafted or am I going to opt-out or what’s in it for me,” Herbstreit said. “I feel like this program got sideways after the 2019 season. I think it became a little more about themselves individually. Coach O’s in charge, so it does ultimately fall on him.”

On3’s Nikki Chavanelle contributed to this article.