Retaining Ben Herbert can be a realistic hope for Michigan

On3 imageby:Griffin McVeigh01/25/24


Anthony Broome On Retaining Ben Herbert Can Be A Realistic Hope For Michigan | 01.25.24

Jim Harbaugh is off to the NFL, soon to become the head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers. Fresh off a national championship at Michigan, Harbaugh could be looking to bring a few staff members with him. However, the Wolverines want to keep their momentum rolling and could be in a few battles with Harbaugh over staffers.

One of those is set to be strength coach Ben Herbert, having a decision to make between remaining in Ann Arbor or following Harbaugh. Anthony Broome of On3’s The Wolverine believes Herbert could be the “biggest piece of the puzzle” for Michigan to continue the excellence.

After all, a strength coach is a lot more valuable to a collegiate program than working with NFL players.

“This is the most realistic thing that needs to happen,” Broome said during Thursday’s episode of Andy Staples On3. “It’s a lot different than the NFL. These guys show up to the NFL camp and they might have to put some weight on or cut weight — but they’re more or less equipped to do that. In college football, you’re taking these lanky 17, 18-year-old kids and turning them into guys, that by the end of their college career, look like NFL players.”

Michigan has been on his run for the last three seasons and Herbert is given a ton of credit. The physicality at the line of scrimmage has changed, leading to a ton of success. Athleticism has taken a big jump as well, level with other top brands in college football.

The results began to show with a win against Ohio State in 2021 and eventually turned into a national championship.

“When you look at what led to this jump for Michigan over these last three years,” Broome said. “They started to have the physicality, the athleticism that you need to compete with a lot of those top-flight schools. And Ben Herbert is directly responsible for that. He and Abigail O’Connor, who does the nutrition program, have been huge in that regard. And they’re kind of a package deal here.”

Broome says Herbert is already making $1.6 million at Michigan and if the Chargers wanted to get him out of the program, there would be a substantial buyout. Los Angeles is already wanting to bring somebody like Jesse Minter in to run the defense. Is there going to be enough money for a strength coach who will not be utilized the same way as in the college game?

Michigan certainly hopes not, with Herbert having the opportunity to keep the ball running with whoever winds up as the next head coach.