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Ryan Day stresses importance of 'transparency' with players

FaceProfileby:Thomas Goldkamp05/15/24
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Coaches across the country have had to learn how to navigate the new era of NIL and the transfer portal and it certainly isn’t easy. Ohio State coach Ryan Day, though, seems to have a better grasp on it than most.

The Buckeyes have seen 26 players depart since the season ended, but the majority of the players exiting were role players or reserves. And the Buckeyes lost only six players to the transfer portal in the spring window.

Day thinks that’s in part because of his approach.

“I think that’s what you said, the transparency,” Day said, speaking about the transfer portal on the Morning Juice podcast. “It starts in the recruiting and then it continues through. So even during spring practice you have to communicate to these guys where they stand and you have to be transparent so there’s no surprises.”

The goal is to keep players from feeling like they’re shocked if they aren’t getting as much playing time as they would have personally affected. That can help keep guys bought in, particularly if they know exactly what it is that’s keeping them from getting more snaps.

Ryan Day is meticulous about providing that type of feedback.

“You’re constantly talking to these guys, giving them feedback on where they stand, things they’re doing well, things they need to improve on, what they can expect going into next year,” he said. “And I think now more than ever you have to continually talk to these guys about where they stand.”

Ohio State is in a special position, as the Buckeyes are virtually always a potential national title contender. That makes the program a significant draw in the NCAA transfer portal.

It’s a program capable of landing an absolute stud like Alabama transfer Caleb Downs, or Ole Miss running back Quinshon Judkins.

But it’s also a program capable of developing players. And Day thinks his program’s ability to do just that has led to a lot of buy-in. It’s one of the reasons for the relatively low number of transfers this spring.

“I think as you look at this transfer portal window, most of the guys said, ‘Hey, we’re here for a common purpose. We know what the goals are ahead of us,'” Ryan Day said. “There was a lot of bonding that happens during the last couple months during winter workouts, spring practice. It’s a good group right now.”