Dan Lanning on Oregon staff: ‘We’re a well-oiled machine’

On3 imageby:Justin Rudolph04/02/24

To open a month of April, the Oregon Ducks football program saw running backs coach Carlos Locklyn exit the program and head east, joining one of the Ducks’ new Big Ten rivals — the Ohio State Buckeyes. Some head coaches would be concerned about losing a position coach midway through spring practice, but not Oregon’s headman, Dan Lanning.

On Tuesday, just one day after Locklyn departed for Columbus, OH, Lanning addressed the current state of his coaching ranks.

“The time is interesting, but the reality is we’re a well-oiled machine right now. It’s moving; we’ve got guys that really do a good job in that room. So, it’s about getting right. It’s not about sprinting to a date. We don’t have to have somebody tomorrow; it’s about getting the right person,” said Lanning.

Lanning and Oregon will be on the hunt for a running back coach but do not count on them rushing the process. According to the Ducks head coach, being the running back coach at Oregon is a big deal given the program’s success in developing NFL-level running backs. Lanning also addressed whether or not there should be stiffer buyout language when it comes to coaching movement in college football.

“I’m not really concerned with that. At the end of the day, here’s what I want. I want people that want to be here and grow here at Oregon, right.” he stated. “We’ve got an unbelievable situation. How long have backs been good at Oregon? You guys think of the names of the guys that have played here at Oregon; whether it’s the De’Anthony (Thomas), LaMichael (James), or Jonathan Stewart, like there’s been a long history. We’ve got some really good backs on this team right now. So, I’m worried about who wants to be here and what we’re gonna be able to do moving forward.”

Ohio State to hire Oregon running backs coach Carlos Locklyn

According to Justin Hopkins of On3’s Scoop DuckOregon is set to lose running backs coach Carlos Locklyn to Ohio State. Locklyn is making the move inside the Big Ten after coaching in Eugene for two seasons, a major move for head coach Ryan Day in the midst of spring practice.

This will be just the third on-field coaching role Locklyn will hold in his coaching career. Western Michigan gave him a shot before the 2021 season as the RB coach before Dan Lanning hired him away from the Hilltoppers.

Ohio State took a huge blow at running backs coach itself, watching Tony Alford leave in favor of the much-hate Michigan Wolverines. Making a quick hire was almost required for the Buckeyes as spring ball is underway and they are expected to have one of the best RB duos in the country.