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Jimbo Fisher highlights first-half struggles against Arkansas

by:Austin Brezina09/24/22


After a tough first half for the Aggies, Jimbo Fisher shared how mistakes gave Arkansas an early lead while coaching his team to relax. The Razorbacks lead 14-13 at the break after a huge goal-line fumble that was returned by the Aggies defense for a touchdown.

Jimbo Fisher highlights mistakes against Arkansas

As the teams entered the locker rooms at halftime, Fisher was interviewed on the field about how it felt to see his defense make a tremendous play to make it a one-point game.

“That was really good, it was really good,” admitted Fisher. “We gotta get some stops though, they’re driving the ball too much [and] making third downs. And offensively, we’ve gotta quit shooting ourselves in the foot. We’ve got every, first three drives, we had a motion penalty. Then we get a good drive here and we get a cut penalty, which you’re not allowed to cut anywhere. And we’re being self-inflicted wounds. Saying all that, we’re only down one point. And then we dropped a snap.

“Listen, we’re lucky to be where we’re at. We need to get our composure, get back and make a play. Our defense changed that — offense had a great drive, 90-something yard drive — defense made that play. Now we just gotta relax and play.”

Ultimately, Fisher’s halftime message got to his team as the Aggies held Arkansas to just seven more points in the game. The Razorbacks then missed a game-tying field goal in the fourth quarter that missed after hitting the top of the goal post. With Arkansas trailing 23-21 against Texas A&M and time running out in the game, coach Sam Pittman played for the win off of kicker Cam Little‘s leg. Taking the clock down as low as possible before calling their last timeout with 1:35 left on the clock, Arkansas attempted a 42-yard field goal to take the lead over the Aggies.

The career 81.5 percent kicker missed the kick in the most unlikely of fashions — with the ball hitting the very top of the goal post and bouncing awkwardly backwards.