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Jimbo Fisher raves about Conner Weigman after first college start

Alex Weberby:Alex Weber10/31/22

Texas A&M is not in a desirable position at the quarterback spot. The Aggies have rotated three different guys into the spot for various reasons and have seen injuries mar the room. So, last Saturday, it was five-star true freshman Conner Weigman up to bat. He got extended time in the South Carolina loss, but the Ole Miss game at Kyle field was his first real start. Though the Aggies ultimately lost, Weigman shined.

The true freshman was thrown right to the fire, tasked with throwing 44 passes against the Rebels, of which he completed 28 for 338 yards, four touchdowns and zero interceptions. That’s pretty flawless for a first-time starter.

Afterwards, Fisher was obviously pleased with the newcomer’s debut. Here was his review of the QB’s play on Saturday:

“I thought Connor — you know, man, first start out there and to do what he did — I thought he was outstanding in the game. Showed a lot of poise, a lot of composure about what he did, how he did it. Made throws, gave us a chance to win the game at the end. I mean, you can’t — the guy’s got heart, toughness, charisma. He’s got it all, and like I said, I thought some of our receivers really made some nice plays in the game. And what we did give up, we know we got to protect him.”

Despite another defeat, Aggies fans and Jimbo Fisher had to love the promise showcased by the true freshman.

Jimbo Fisher explains decision to not go for onside kick against Ole Miss

Texas A&M tried to mount a late rally to stay in the game against Ole Miss, but the Aggies wound up falling just short. On their last scoring possession, though, A&M decided to kick the ball deep rather than onside kick and try to recover it themselves. An odd decision given the Aggies being down so late. But Fisher trusted his defense to get the stop and kicked anyway.

Here was the reasoning behind that decision, according to the head coach himself:

“Well, I would have [done an onside kick]. But I know they were going to be up. We didn’t want to kick it out of the end zone. We wanted to pin them back, we had three timeouts. Instead of giving that up, I thought the odds of trying to kick them back and put pressure on them and try to make them make a throw or a run. Which we did. We got to stop them. Then, we have three timeouts remaining. If we had two timeouts, I would have definitely onside kicked.”