Jimbo Fisher reveals plan with QB Conner Weigman as two-sport athlete

Sean Labarby:Sean Labar02/24/22


Jimbo FIsher was recently asked about the plan for two-sport athlete Conner Weigman, who came to Texas A&M to pursue both football and baseball.

Fisher made it clear that it’s Weigman’s choice but the young quarterback has made football a priority as he settles in at College Station.

“Yeah he’s in football right now, that was his choice,” Fisher said.

“When I first signed him I assumed he would stay and play baseball. Because he’s a significant baseball player and could be a very high draft pick. But he’s impressed me from the get go saying, ‘coach I want to be a football player first, then play baseball.’ He told me his plan of coming in and not doing baseball, so he could learn the offense, go through fall ball, and then come back like a normal freshman and be able to both, which would be great. I’ve had multiple guys do that, whether it’s track here, or baseball somewhere else I’ve been. Jameis [Winston] was a great example of that. He could have been a first or second round baseball guy just like he was for football, and the same for Conner. But he wants to be a football guy first and wants to play baseball and I respect that.”

Jimbo Fisher believes recruiting base gives Texas A&M major advantage

Jimbo Fisher and Texas A&M currently boasts the top recruiting class in the country and in a recent press conference, the Aggies head coach pointed out all of the reasons why the trend should continue.

“When you count, we have eight different states and two different countries,” Fisher said of his recruiting class.

“We are in as good of a recruiting base as there is in the country, why shouldn’t we have the No. 1 class? Houston, those guys can’t drive up an hour and come to school here? I guess that’s illegal. Houston is a tremendous city. Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, the east Texas area. There’s not a better situation and we are going to recruit all those kids that we possibly can. We can win national championships, SEC championships, they can be pro players.”

The Texas A&M front man made a point to say his staff has no choice but to extend the recruiting efforts throughout the country in today’s ultra-competitive college football landscape.

“Also, guys have always come into Texas and taken players,” Jimbo Fisher added. “We have to go national. You are in a global world right now. The ability to go to Florida, to go to Georgia, to go to Mississippi, to go to Pennsylvania or New Jersey or Tennessee. They are always in our footprint. If you come here, the education you get, the quality of life. Go watch a ball game in there. None of these guys have seen a ball game like that.

“Our 12th man and our fans, there’s not better in the country than what they do. We have to be able to take the top players in the country that make us the program we can be.”