Cowboys ejected player takes shot at refs following controversial call
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Cowboys ejected player takes shot at refs following controversial call

Austin Brezina14 days
Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

A Dallas Cowboys’ player that was ejected earlier in the game took a shot at the officials from the locker room after a controversial pass interference call. Rookie cornerback Kelvin Joseph was ejected alongside Las Vegas Raiders safety Roderic Teamer, and Joseph expressed how upset he was with a late pass interference call while not on the field.

Cowboys’ Kelvin Joseph disagreed with controversial call

While the Cowboys were still locked in a tight game against the Raiders on Thursday, Joseph had to finish the game in the locker room after being ejected for his part in a near-brawl.

With access to his social media, Joseph had a simple message for the officials who ejected him after another pass interference call that likely ended the game.

“Bad call ref.”

Cowboys defensive back Anthony Brown had a rough night with penalties as he was called for four pass interference penalties. The final one he received was a tough break, as the play appeared to show no contact with the receiver.

However, because Brown did not turn his head around and was face-guarding on the play, pass interference was called and set up the Raiders for a very makeable field goal.

“Weak PI call,” stated Fox Sports’ Colin Cowherd on Twitter after the penalty was called. “Actually [Hunter] Renfrow was held far worse on the play. Officials getting in the way. Again.”

Kelvin Joseph ejected

On what should have been a routine punt return, there was some after-the-play action on Thanksgiving. The two instigating players were ejected, changing the complexity of the game.

Dallas rookie cornerback Kelvin Joseph and Las Vegas safety Roderic Teamer were battling each other during a punt. It extended past the play and onto the sideline, leading to a scuffle. Both were thrown out of the game.

Joseph disagreed with the decision because he felt the entire incident happened because of Teamer’s aggressive blocking. While still in the field of play, Teamer managed to force Joseph out of bounds. But the battle didn’t stop there as both players wound up against the stands while still shoving each other, well beyond the sideline.

During the scuffle, one of the referees trying to break up the scuffle came away with an injury. He must have taken a shot off the chin, showing a cut once he separated the two teams from each other. The referee stayed in the game as well.