Dale Earnhardt Jr. will be special guest on 'Marty and McGee' show at Daytona

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Next week when the Marty & McGee show hits the beaches of Daytona, Dale Earnhardt Jr. will be joining the ESPN program. Marty Smith and Ryan McGee will be in town for the NASCAR opener, and it already sounds like it will be a good time.

Of course, Marty and Dale Jr. go way back as friends and as a driver and media pairing that fans loved to see. Always passionate voices in the mainstream when it comes to NASCAR, Marty and McGee show the sport love, even when it isn’t getting it elsewhere.

Now, the ESPN duo are more focused on college sports in recent years, but both have a hand in racing still.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. wanted to know if there was a spot on the show for him. Marty Smith replied and told him to bring it on, “Open-door policy, my brother.”

Dale Jr. doesn’t have an NBC contract at the moment. Perhaps this allows him to make an appearance like this on another sports network. Whatever the reason is, I’m glad that he is going to be on the show to help promote NASCAR and the Daytona 500.

There are few people as busy in the sports world as Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Marty Smith. When Junior isn’t on TV or doing a podcast or selling air filters, he’s racing or running his Xfinity Series team.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. has big night at Florence Motor Speedway

Speaking of being busy, last night Dale Jr. was busy racing. He took his No. 3 Late Model Stock out to Florence Motor Speedway for the Icebreaker. Carson Kvapil, his JR Motorsports driver was also in the race.

JRM ended up having a great night as a whole. Sammy Smith started the weekend in Dale’s car, just to run practice and get it set up. Smith has moved to JRM from Joe Gibbs. Earnhardt had some family matters to deal with, a father-daughter dance.

On Saturday, Dale qualified the car and raced it. Kvapil was excellent in the race. The JRM Chevys were fast and both drivers were able to find their way to the top-five. While Earnhardt tried to make his way into contention for the win, Kvapil and Connor Hall were in a two-car battle.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. wanted to finish third, but Casey Kelley edged him out. Still, P4 to start the year is a great showing. Kvapil went on to win and it was a night of celebrating for JRM and the crew.