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WATCH: Former Nebraska star Antonio Reed makes bizarre dirty play during USFL game

by:Austin Brezina04/24/22


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Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Former Nebraska defensive back Antonio Reed made a strange decision on the field during a USFL game, taunting his opponent in unusual fashion. During a punt return, Reed came across to help block a player and pinned him to the ground after an awkward collision. While players rushed down the field around him, Reed stepped over the player and used an unusual method to keep him out of the play — dropping his bottom onto the other player’s helmet to embarrass him.

Antonio Reed shows his new USFL tactics

The USFL has been an exciting and interesting diversion during the normally football-less spring in its inaugural year. The broadcasts are much closer to the action on the field compared to traditional NFL viewing experiences, and the players are allowed more leeway with taunting and celebrations on the field generally which makes for a fun alternative.

While Reed’s strange move wasn’t as dramatic as some, the fun players have on the field is evident in clips like these as they get to play professional football. His opponent may not have realized what exactly happened in the moment, but the end result was a silly play that didn’t result in anything afterwards. Ultimately, Reed and the Tampa Bay Bandits fell to the New Orleans Breakers in a blowout 34-3 finish.

Reed played four seasons with Nebraska, recording three interceptions and a sack during his time with the Cornhuskers. He also managed to rank in the top ten among Big Ten players in 2015 and 2018 for fumbles forced. The USFL has given Antonio Reed a stage to play on for Nebraska fans to celebrate him, as his Tampa Bay Bandits team is sitting at a 1-1 record early in the season.

Reed’s moment on the field is reminiscent of a similar moment at the NFL level last year with star Joey Bosa celebrated a sack with a somewhat inappropriate move of his own.

When the quarterback hit the ground, Bosa jogged out of the pile before standing straight up and walking forward like a video game character from Halo. He then turned and mimicked the hand position of a character with a weapon, proceeding to crouch and stand up repeatedly. At one point, Bosa even mimicked the Halo game’s prone feature by laying on the ground and standing up once more during his celebration.