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FOX Sports, NASCAR continuing to air Radioactive mini-doc despite 'Race Hub' cancelation

Nick Profile Picby:Nick Geddes06/17/24


Cody Scanlan/The Register / USA TODAY NETWORK

FOX Sports and NASCAR will continue to shoot and air the popular Radioactive mini-doc despite the network’s cancelation of “Race Hub.”

According to Adam Stern of Sports Business Journal, Radioactive will appear on NASCAR’s YouTube page plus FOX’s social/digital channels.

There was some concern from fans that Radioactive would go away, but that isn’t happening. It’s here to stay and that’s fantastic news for NASCAR fans. Radioactive, which is typically four to six minutes long, takes a look at the biggest moments of that week’s race with audio from the team in-car radios.

The mini-doc aired weekly on “Race Hub,” FOX‘s exclusive show for NASCAR. It was announced this past month, however, that the show would be ending after a 15-year run. The final “Race Hub” aired this past Tuesday as FOX‘s coverage for the season closed.

Denny Hamlin chimes in on the end of ‘NASCAR Race Hub’

Denny Hamlin said on his “Actions Detrimental” podcast last month he disagreed with FOX‘s decision.

“It sure was convenient to be on cable. I don’t care, it’s on a sports network. For me personally, right, I would always go into a restaurant or something, and it’s casually on. … I mean, I’m serious. It would replay. They have it on FS1, constantly,” Hamlin said. “So, it just would replay throughout the week, even when it wasn’t in its designated timeslot. So, I think trying to switch it to a YouTube platform, I’m not totally sold on that. I still think it’d be better to have something on cable. I understand that there’s some sports that don’t have a daily show, but I think it was certainly an asset for our sport to have, for sure.

“… Let’s just say, my intuition says it’s going to get replaced with something, whether it be NASCAR or one of the new partners or something, but I don’t love getting off of FS1 for an hour a week. I don’t love it, but it’s not our decision. What I understood too, that was a real money-loss for FOX. They spent quite a bit of money, per year, putting that on. It was a net negative. So yeah, everyone’s got a business to run.”