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Jimmie Johnson believes charter negotiations will go 'deep in the year'

JHby:Jonathan Howard04/14/24


Jimmie Johnson Texas
Mandatory Credit: Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

As a team owner, Jimmie Johnson knows exactly how the charter negotiations are going between the teams and NASCAR. It isn’t good, folks. Many hoped and believed that this would be settled by Daytona, but here we are more than two months into the season and no deal.

Jimmie Johnson is racing at Texas today. He has the most wins there of any Cup Series driver ever. Seven wins to match his seven championships. Victory Lane is named in his honor! But there is more serious business going on behind the scenes.

Should NASCAR and the teams fail to come together on a new charter agreement, the season can’t happen in 2025. Now that the early optimists were proven wrong, it’s anyone’s guess when this situation will be handled.

Johnson answered questions from the media about the negotiations on Saturday.

“I think it’s going to come down to deep in the year … Right now it’s still posturing,” Johnson said, via Dustin Long of NBC Sports. “I know we feel like the clock is ticking, but if you look at how much time is left, we’re just getting into the eighth inning, maybe ninth inning of what really needs to happen in negotiations for all parties.”

Jimmie Johnson quotes Rick Hendrick

When the issue of money came up, teams are looking for a bigger share of the revenue than they currently get, Johnson borrowed from his former boss.

“To steal a Mr. (Rick) Hendrick line, ‘It’s not about the money until it’s about the money.’ Ultimately, there are protections, I think, that team owners are looking for for longevity that absolutely shore things up for them financially.

“Sure, there are discussions around monies that come on the front side through the TV partnership that are important. You know, it’s been interesting to watch. This is my first time really in this world as a team owner, and I’ve done a lot more listening than I have talking and letting the pros really … do their job.

“But what’s ultimately been most impressive to me is just how the team ownership group has stuck together. I think we’re a lot stronger as a unified group, hearing a consistent message. That’s something that’s been more difficult for owners in the past, but the ownership group has been very committed to that and I think that’s been very useful.”

Jimmie Johnson doesn’t give a great picture here. However, I think it is good that the teams are united right now. This entire process is healthy for the sport and the future of NASCAR.