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Joe Burrow addresses what he thinks about Ohio State fans claiming him

Alex Weberby:Alex Weber07/08/24
Sam Greene/The Enquirer - USA TODAY NETWORK

Joe Burrow is one of the legendary college sports figures of this century, a Heisman-winning quarterback at LSU who led not only the greatest individual season, but also took his team to a 15-0 record and national championship victory.

That 2019 LSU team immediately joined the list of all-time college football teams, and very arguably featured the greatest offense in the history of the sport. However, before his transfer to the Bayou, Joe Burrow was a three-year backup for Ohio State, where he hardly saw the field.

In the years’ since leaving LSU, some Ohio State fans have attempted to claim Burrow as one of their own. He is an Ohio native, plays for the Cincinnati Bengals now and did spend three years at OSU. But during an appearance on Barstool Sports’ Pardon My Take podcast with Big Cat and PFT Commenter, Burrow silenced any notion that he’s a Buckeye.

“I didn’t play football there,” Burrow declared. “I mean, I practiced football there. I did a lot of practicing and lifting,” he added. “I graduated. I would say I usually tell people that I went to school at Ohio State and I played football at LSU.”

“That’s good, I like that,” said Big Cat. However, Burrow does say that his time at Ohio State was important and he still cherishes the hard work and relationships that came with it.

“I got a lot better from practicing at Ohio State,” he said. “But I didn’t get to play, so I don’t really say that I played there. I still have relationships there that to this day that I care about in that building. But I didn’t play there.”

Big Cat was fine with that evaluation, commenting “I think that’s a fair answer.”

“Yeah, LSU is your playing home,” added Big Cat, which Burrow agreed with. Meanwhile, PFT Commenter asked if The Game still means anything to him. “Do you feel anything when Michigan plays Ohio State?”

Burrow responded: “Not as much as the LSU rivalries, I would say.” And that prompted a clap-back from Big Cat: “Yeah, you never lost to Michigan right?” he asked.

“No, we were 3-0 when I was there,” said Burrow.

“Yeah so interesting, very interesting, never lost to Michigan,” Big Cat observed. “But that maybe that’s what Ohio State fans — you can’t claim Joe Burrow. but you could say ‘we never lost with Joe Burrow.'”

And Joey B agreed “that’s true.”

So, the case is settled. According to Joe Burrow himself, Ohio State was more of a school to him than a place to play football. The Buckeyes can claim credit for Burrow’s scholastic accomplishments. But when it comes to football, the only school who’s permitted to call Burrow their quarterback… is the LSU Tigers.