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Lead pack goes five wide fighting for the lead during AdventHealth 400 at Kansas

JHby:Jonathan Howard05/05/24


AdventHealth 400 five wide
Screenshot credit: NASCAR on FOX via

If you aren’t watching this NASCAR Cup Series race at Kansas, you need to be. Five wide in the AdventHealth 400 across the start/finish line.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a move quite like this. Kansas Speedway and this Next Gen car are a match made in heaven. Absolutely beautiful racing for an entire 80 lap opening stage. Then the second stage began.

Coming around following the Stage 2 restart, Kyle Larson was out front and he had a ton of cars chasing him. Ross Chastain made a move, lost grip, slowed down, and as he did, the field was five abreast in the AdventHealth 400.

Watch this beautiful example of stock car racing.

NASCAR fans were treated to a special first stage at Kansas. Ross Chastain against Kyle Larson and then at the end, Denny Hamlin. Passes for the lead, crossovers, and door-to-door action for 80 laps.

This track doesn’t provide much in cautions. What it does is give these drivers a chance to show off their skills and race for 400 miles. It’s wonderful.

AdventHealth 400 heats up in Stage 2

This race is going to get better as the day goes on. The AdventHealth 400 last year came down to a last lap pass and I wouldn’t be shocked if we saw the same thing happen today. There are fast Fords, fast Chevys, and fast Toyotas.

While Larson was strong to start, others came on late. Chastain went from first to second and back to first about a dozen times it felt like. Even when Hamlin got involved, it was back and forth passes and action.

So, what more do you want from a race? This is the best example of what the Next Gen car can be. During the development of the car, I’m not sure this is what NASCAR expected. However, it is clear that they hit on a formula that works and thank goodness that it does.

Kansas is one of the best tracks on the schedule now. When this car came out, we had no idea this would happen. Now that it is here, it’s just fun to take it all in. Appreciate these intermediate tracks before the short tracks pop back up…