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Michael Penix Jr. explains what he has learned from watching Kirk Cousins

Brian Jones Profile Picby:Brian Jones07/10/24


Michael Penix Kirk Cousins
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Michael Penix Jr. is expected to be the future star of the Atlanta Falcons and is learning from one of the more meticulous quarterbacks in the league. While speaking to reporters at Falcons minicamp, Penix revealed what he learned from watching Kirk Cousins.

“Just operate as a pro,” Penix said. “Just the way he goes about his business each and every day, not just on the field but off the field as well. But on the field, just his decision-making, how sharp he is and how attention to detail he is.”

Falcons fans were shocked to learn that the team drafted Penix at No. 8 overall in April. While fans love Penix as a player, they didn’t see it coming as the Falcons signed Cousins to a four-year $180 million contract in March. Cousins will be the starter until he’s no longer with the Falcons.

“I think you’re reminded again that there are things you control and there’s a lot of things you don’t control,” Cousins said on Bussin’ with the Boys in May when talking about Penix being added the to Falcons. “And so let’s deal in reality and recognize that fact and then be a steward and not an owner. So I just believe that I gotta steward what comes my way and control what I control, which is what a steward does.”

“But a steward doesn’t worry about that which they can’t control, an owner does, Cousins added. “An owner would be like oh my goodness. So I just got to steward this and just do kind of what I’ve always done as a player and let the chips fall where they may.”

Michael Penix Jr. on transtioning to the NFL

As the Falcons get ready for training camp later this month, all eyes will be on Penix and Cousins. During the preseason games, Cousins will see limited action (if any), meaning that Penix will have a chance to show fans what he can do. During minicamp, Penix spoke to reporters about his transtion to the NFL.

“You gotta learn how to be a pro,” Penix said. “You don’t have school anymore, you don’t got to worry about that in your schedule. …You working. This is a job. It’s like you trying to perfect your job. You trying to be as good as you can. And now I got the time, I got the resources, the money, that’s a part of it too. You can have those resources. Get the best massage therapist, get the chefs and staff like that, so just learning how to become a pro.”