Mother of CeeDee Lamb rips Dak Prescott: ‘Dak isn’t it’

On3 imageby:Barkley Truax01/20/24


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The Cowboys’ 48-32 wild-card loss against the Green Bay Packers will be the topic of discussion throughout Dallas’ organization over the offseason.

From front office suits, to players on the roster, and especially fans — no one is happy with the result after a 12-win regular season. With head coach Mike McCarthy returning for next year, where does the issue stem from?

According to CeeDee Lamb‘s mother, Leta Ramirez, the problem is under center and starts with Dak Prescott.

“DAK ISN’T IT,” she tweeted in the aftermath of the game. A commenter told Ramirez that her son should come to the “home team,” and play with “CJ,” referring the CJ Stroud and the Houston Texans.

“Sh*t I wish he would! CJ is great,” Ramirez responded.

Prescott was handed a heavy load against the Packers after trailing early. He completed 41 of 60 passes for 403 yards with three touchdown passes and two interceptions. With that type of volume throwing the football, mistakes are bound to happen as the Cowboys tried to fight back to make the score competitive.

Lamb also hauled in nine receptions (he was targeted 17 times) for 110 yards during the playoff loss.

Despite the Cowboys playoff woes under Prescott, it seems they will be moving forward with him under center as he was one of the most productive quarterbacks in the league this season. He passed for 4,516 yards (third in the NFL) and a league-high 36 touchdown passes on the year.

After the playoff loss, McCarthy and Prescott sat down for their annual end-of-year meeting, which McCarthy called “productive.”

I have unbelievable belief in Dak, I think he clearly has another step,” McCarthy said, via On3’s Nikki Chavanelle. “Think the offense has suited him well. It’s a system built on making a QB successful. The growth opportunity we both see in the future is something we’re excited about.”

In a way, the Cowboys have to continue with Prescott. He has a no-trade clause in his contract and a cap hit of $59.4 million in 2024. Those types of numbers aren’t important to McCarthy, however, as he reiterated his faith in the eight-year NFL veteran.

“I believe in Dak Prescott,” McCarthy said. “He’s clearly the answer, he’s part of the solution moving forward. As difficult as this time is right now, I think we can work through this emotional period we’re in and build on what he brings to the table.”

For now, it’s back to the drawing board for the Cowboys this offseason in the hopes of winning a playoff game in 2025 under the guide of Prescott and McCarthy.