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NBA Draft 2024: Odds for team to draft Bronny James revealed

IMG_6598by:Nick Kosko04/11/24


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Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Bronny James, the son of NBA superstar LeBron James, could be in the NBA Draft in 2024 and there are odds on who will select him this summer.

Now, Bronny James did not confirm if he would focus solely on the NBA. He also entered the NCAA transfer portal after one year at USC.

But if he forgoes the remainder of his eligibility, FanDuel sports book revealed the teams with the best odds to select LeBron’s son.

Los Angeles Lakers: +440

Kiyoshi Mio-USA TODAY Sports

This is the obvious choice considering LeBron James is still under contract. The elder James made it known he would like to play one year with his son in the NBA.

Why not if you’re the Lakers? It’d be must see TV as it would in person. Bronny James has the talent, but there’s a reason he decided to put his name in the portal while examining his NBA options.

New York Knicks: +800

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

The Knicks are a rumored team to land the services of LeBron, so once again, you have to consider Bronny James in this scenario. Could any of these teams simply draft his son to land one year of LeBron?

Notice how it’s Los Angeles and New York that lead the odds here. The biggest markets in basketball could have the James father-son duo.

Miami Heat: +1,200

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Heat are the other team on this list that could bring LeBron in, should they go after him. Doing so would entice them to draft Bronny James.

Really, this would be a reunion and it would put Bronny in another big market as one of the team’s guards. Although based on his lone season at USC, he’d be buried on the depth chart right now.

Cleveland Cavaliers: +1,200

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Can you imagine a third stint for LeBron James in Cleveland? And this time the whole family comes along for it? Bronny James could basically just continue the legacy.

Again, this is more of a ploy to get LeBron on the team. Although it’s hard to see considering what Clevalnd boasts right now. With 47 wins right now, the Cavs are in a good spot. What would they have to give up for LeBron in terms of money?

Los Angeles Clippers: +1,400

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

How about Bronny James with Kawhi Leonard, James Harden, Russell Westbrook and Paul George? That’d be something wouldn’t it?

With pretty much all of these teams, Bronny James wouldn’t be thrusted into a big role right away. He’d be developed carefully, particularly if LeBron is a part of a package deal. Then good lord, look at that lineup, at least from a name perspective.

Atlanta Hawks: +1,400

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a rough season for the Hawks and they very well could be in play for Bronny James. Keep in mind, this current NBA Draft class is seen as pretty thin in comparison to other years.

James could learn under Trae Young as the Hawks look to return to form next season. Atlanta is still in the play-in for the playoffs though, but it’s a long road for a deep run. 

Chicago Bulls: +1,700

Mike Watters-USA TODAY Sports

Like Atlanta, Chicago is a play-in team at the moment. Can we expect the Bulls to really make a run in 2024?

Why not get Bronny James and give yourselves a shot in the arm to develop a potentially pretty good player. Not to mention LeBron coming to Chicago would be the funniest part of the LeBron James-Michael Jordan debates.

Philadelphia 76ers: +1,700

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s an intriguing place for Bronny James. If he needs to “trust the process” of development, there’s no better place to be patient.

Joel Embiid is back healthy as Philly tries to make a playoff run in 2024, potentially getting a good draw. Plus, the Sixers were in on LeBron James before he ultimately decided to leave the Cavs for the Lakers.

Golden State Warriors: +2,100

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

And here it is. The Warriors dynasty is about to end it seems with them barely hanging on to the backend of the playoffs in the West. But getting Bronny James would be quite the sight to see.

If that means Bronny gets to play with LeBron, while Steph Curry happens to share the same court, Golden State will be on national TV every night. Hence, why it’s a longshot.

So either Bronny James will find himself in the NBA at some location, potentially with his father, or back in college. Either way, he’ll be one of the stories to watch all basketball offseason.