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Peyton Manning details Bill Belichick involvement with 'ManningCast' for 2024 NFL season

Brian Jones Profile Picby:Brian Jones05/12/24


Peyton Manning Bill Belichick
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Peyton Manning shared more information about legendary NFL coach Bill Belichick being on ManningCast this fall. While appearing on The Pat McAfee Show, the Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback detailed what Belichick will be doing on the broadcast.

“Bill is going to be a permanent guest on every ManningCast show early in the game, probably the first quarter, to kind of take people behind the ropes of what the defense has to do or what this quarterback’s challenges are,” Manning said. “I can’t tell you the advantage of having a defensive coach to take the quarterback behind the ropes … Bill’s gonna do that. I think the audience is going to be fascinated by how smart he is.”

Manning went on to say that he loved what he saw from Belichick when he appeared on The Pat McAfee Show during the NFL draft. “He’s quick-witted, he’s funny, and like I said, he’s just brilliant when it comes to defense and offense,” Manning added. “The guy can flat-out coach.”

The Athletic reported last month that Belichick will join Monday Night Football with Peyton and Eli, an alternate broadcast of ESPN’s Monday Night Football. Manning confirmed the news at Tom Brady’s roast last week.

“For those who don’t know, Coach is gonna be doing some work on Eli and my Monday Night Football show this year,” Manning said, per Pro Football Talk. “I gotta tell you, it’s gonna be awesome. Eli and I are super-excited. And it’s gonna give Coach Belichick something he hasn’t had in a while. The chance to be around quarterbacks that he respects.”

Peyton Manning agrees to a long-term deal with ESPN

The additon of Belichick comes as ESPN and Omaha Productions (Manning’s production company) agreed to an contract extenstion through 2034. This means ManningCast is not going anywhere anytime soon, and Manning will produce more orginal content through Omaha productuons on ESPN.

ManningCast features Peyton and Eli Manning sharing their thoughts on the Monday Night Football game. The bothers are joined each week by celebrity firends from sports and entertiament. ManningCast debuted in 2021 and won the Sports Emmy for Outstanding Live series in 2022. And in 2023, Peyton Manning won the Sports Emmy for Outsanding Personakity/Sports Event Analyst.

Belichick joins the show after spending the last 24 seasons as the New England Patriots head coach. Duirng his time in New England, Belichick led the Patriots to nine Super Bowls appearances with six Super Bowl wins.